Submission and humility are key words to your victory

In order for one to fulfill one’s destiny, it’s necessary to be better acquainted with submission and humility. Each of these two words, when defined, can put you on the road of greatness.
God gives grace and greatness to humble people.
We are living in times when people have become so proud and arrogant. These days it does not take much for people to become proud and isolated. Such people refuse to relate to their fellowman, simply because they may be homeless or poor.
Pride in one’s heart can cause them to look down on, belittle, or think lesser of the downcast in society, prisoners, the disabled, and even the mentally ill. This is why humility and submission have become even more powerful.
In order to best understand these words, let’s break them down.
Firstly, let’s begin with submission. The beginning of this word is sub, which means under. God has given each and everyone of us a mission in life, but to fulfil that mission, you must be under his authority. So, when you put sub and mission together you get submission.
Submission releases God’s favour into your life to do the impossible. You have to know the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit in order to really be humble and submitted to him.
Humility is a spiritual condition that starts from the heart.
When you are submissive and humble you will never despise small beginnings, or look down on people. When you are submitted to God you do not undermine the less educated or the less fortunate, rather, you will have a heart full of love to give to all.
In the Bible, I love the story of King David; he had a very humble beginning. There was a mighty, wicked giant who was terrorizing the nation of Israel, and I noticed in this story that when God wanted to bring that mighty man down, he sent a weak inexperienced, young shepherd boy named David; he had no military experience and no armor.
He came dressed in humble shepherd clothes with no weapons, just a sling shot and five smooth stones. No wonder Goliath, the giant warrior, mocked and laughed at David.
On the outside, he was small and no match for the great giant, but on the inside he carried the strength and the favour of God. As a result, he was able to kill the giant with his first stone and claim victory for Israel like a great warrior.
David’s submission under the mighty hand of God also took him to a place of exaltation; he went from a shepherd boy to a king. In fact, he became one of the greatest and most memorable Kings in history.
In contrast, it was Goliath’s pride that caused him to underestimate the power of David’s submission and humility to God.
God is looking for submissive and humble people to do great exploits for him on Earth. He promises to qualify the unqualified and to turn underdogs into champions. He will exalt the lowly and turn small beginnings into great endings.
As King David, Queen Esther and many other Bible heroes have documented, this is the hand of God at work in the lives of men and women willing to submit to Him and humbly walk in His way.
There are many modern day examples of this and it is such a pleasure for me to let you know that this is also a part of my testimony. Similarly to Queen Esther, I Julianna obtained favour from the Lord and was found faithful and God has rewarded me double for my trouble.
I now recall it all with joy when I look back at my days of pain and suffering that I endured while caring for two baby girls all by myself. My crisis turned my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and through many toils, snares and dangers I overcame because God was on my side.
Like King David, God has taken me from the backside of the desert to a place of prominence. God was with David all the way and he is doing the same for me. Glory be to God!
1Peter 5:5 – All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
This scripture is a nugget from God’s word to encourage, instruct, teach and guide us in the way of humility and growth in him.
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