Students Blazing a Trail

On Sunday, June 9, Pioneer Women of Canada handed out scholarships to two deserving Montrealers at their annual Tea Party at the St. Laurent Recreation Centre.

Zhane Mahbeer Jayme

Since her childhood Zhane has held on to the dream of being in the entertainment business. However, she faced many challenges that threatened to derail her, but her firm faith in God helped her to remain steadfast and focused on her dream.
She credits the Pioneer Women of Canada for being part of the clay that helped mold her. Being around a cohort of determined women imparted a sense of communion in her and she imbibed many of their teachings.
With two semesters left to finish her diploma in journalism, Zhane hopes to use her skills to be a voice for the voiceless. With her determination and boost from the Pioneer Women of Canada scholarship, she is sure to achieve her goals.

Azarah Nefertyse Guerra

Azarah is a full time student at Dawson College where she’s studying in the Law Society and Justice profile. She is interested in Family Law and her end-game is to become a judge of.
She is passionate about helping victims of domestic violence whether they’re men or women.
Azarah is a well-rounded student, not only has she excelled academically she also thrives in her extra curricular disciplines. She was a violinist at Lindsay Place High School for four years.
Guerra doesn’t shy away from lending her strengths wherever she sees a need. She has volunteered at VIP Blues Fest, WIBCA Radio Show, at the Caribbean Pioneer Women of Canada tea party as well as Westhaven day camp as a counselor. She believes that all these experiences have taught her many life skills, including punctuality, time management, responsibility, and leadership. She is definitely one to watch.

Montreal Church of God will be handing out their annual scholarships at their church service on July 14. Jade Parkinson Gayle and Sharnel Reid are the recipients.


Jade is a dynamic and driven student who is currently in her 3rd year studying Special Care Counseling (SCC) at Vanier College.
She is very involved in the community as a volunteer with the Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association Teen Leadership program as well as a community development worker with the ForUsGirls program.
She is passionate about women, more specifically women of colour. Her hope is to positively impact the world around her. Although she has faced hardships Jade is not one to give up; she has worked part-time to self-fund her education.
she is looking forward to finishing her final semester and going after her for driving permit in order to easily access places where she can serve those who need special care counseling.


Sharnel Reid also received the Montreal Church of God of Prophecy scholarship. She is a student at Dawson College and she hopes to be family lawyer as well as an entrepreneur.
While in high school she was part of many initiatives one such being the “Glambition,” which was an event geared towards helping young girls as they venture in entrepreneurship. She also gives off her time in church service, where she volunteers as an usher and in the youth ministry.
Ms. Reid is strives to be a problem solver, when she noticed that girls in her school were scared to play basketball during their lunch break she spearheaded the movement, “Girls can do what boys can do.” The initiative was to encourage her fellow girls to play basketball if they wanted to. This initiative caught the attention of the press and it was even featured in the LaSalle Messenger.
She intends to use the scholarship to help her complete her studies and further realize her dreams.