Salvation is free and it sets you free

Salvation is free and it sets you free

Old news is good news…

Easter has passed but why should we stop talking about the blood of Jesus?

On the cross Jesus said it is finished but that does not mean that he is finished. He resurrected, continued living and to give us an opportunity to live eternally with Him through salvation.

What exactly is salvation? The dictionary defines it as the state of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc. If Jesus died on the cross thousands of years ago; what are we today being saved from?

Time has advanced and times have changed but the sinful nature within us comes from a spiritual exchange. Through craftiness, deception and manipulation Satan (masquerading in the garden of Eden as a serpent) exchanged the beautiful lifestyle that Adam and Eve lived in God’s presence. They had daily fellowship and closeness with God. However, all of that was exchanged for a cursed life of pain and hardship because of the deposit of Sin by means of disobedience. That deposit of sin has been passed down to all mankind since their eviction from the garden.

So… whether you consider yourself sinful or not… it is in your nature. Not because of your mom or dad or your direct family but because of the Adamic nature that is embedded in your DNA as a human being.

You can be as kind, sweet and generous as an angel but that does not guarantee you safety and protection from the sins of your past, present or future. Trust me the word of God is true and it declares that “All have dined and fallen short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23. I do hope that none of you reading this are wondering about how good you are and how much good you do.

If so, may you continue your good works and your good behaviour toward mankind. But good works and deeds are strictly earthbound. They will help make your household, workplace, your family circle and your society a better place but they will not save you from the torturous harm and eternal finality of hell.

Hell is real. It is a terrible place. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth (ACT 7:54). This is what we have been saved from, protected from and shielded from by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Salvation is about redemption. Have you been redeemed? Redeemed from the curse that came upon Adam, Eve and all mankind that came after them. Including you and I.

We should be thankful that even though the lamb of God shed His blood thousands of years ago to redeem us… because by Jesus Christ Obedience to be crucified on the cross of Calvary; the redemption plan was successfully carried out. The power of the blood of Jesus is a spiritual mystery that requires revelation knowledge both to explain and to receive but the key is faith.

That being said … take the time to read your Bible activate your faith and allow this revelation knowledge to sink deep within you.

We will continue next time…

Love you always,