Rise up!

Black people you have a wonderful heritage… keep it going

As I study the Bible in-depth, I realize that the Black race was highly favoured and recognized by God. I hope that after reading this article, you will go back and read your Bible. Isaiah
The Faith Life Study Bible (FSB) comments that the Hebrew name here “Cush” (Kush) is used in the Old Testament to designate a region of East Africa that likely included southern Egypt and northern Sudan. So the cushites were Black people.
The prophet Isaiah gives us a detailed description of their stature, reputation and territory. He records in Isaiah 18:1–2 about the cushites that they were Swift messengers. A nation referred to as tall, smooth, mighty and conquering. A nation powerful and trampling down the others and whose land the rivers divide.
In Bible times, the black nation was playing a role as God’s servant with unique and particular assignments. For example, in King David’s army, general Joash chose a cushite as a messenger because of his speed.
Now, we are seeing that God is still using the cushite and raising them up to run with the gospel.
In the past years there was John Westley, Martin Luther and Charles Spurgeon spearheading great exploits for the kingdom of God. Now, in our day, the descendants of the cushites are trailblazing. We are now seeing people like T.B. Joshua and Apostle Johnson Suleman doing great signs and miracles all over the world. Not forgetting pastor Alph Lukau who is also doing great things for the kingdom of God.
Readers, we are truly a blessed people. God has created us for his glory. We are the best-looking people in the whole wide world.
Sometimes it bothers me how we have limited ourselves and lowered our standards and our worth to the level of believing lies based on envy and jealousy. The lie that we come from monkeys.
Today, you better know which report you are going to believe. Lies or truth.
As Black people, we have been manufactured by God and He knows us better than anyone else and He has always depicted us as a ‘’good looking people.” As the prophet Isaiah stated, Black people have been described as a people that are tall and smooth-skinned. What a beautiful depiction of the Black nation. I do not see any reason for us to degrade ourselves to the level of animals.
Allow me to list a few examples of how God’s word testifies of Black people.
We have learned so far that we are athletic and strong, but Black people in God’s word have also been beautiful and smart.
The maiden in Song of Solomon describes herself as being Black and beautiful and pleads with the maidens of Jerusalem, in the 6th verse of chapter 1, to not gaze at her because she is Black.
In Genesis 10, verse eight, Nimrod was a mighty man on Earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord.
In 1 king 10 verses 1 to 3, the queen of Sheba (you know the story of how rich and popular she was. She visited king Solomon, spent much time with him in order to validate rumors she had heard concerning his achievements and his wisdom. It is recorded that she poured out all her heartfelt questions and afterward presented him with many gifts, such as gold, spices and precious stones.
The Bible also records in 1 Kings 10:10–11 (LEB): “Spices as these did not come again in such abundance as that which the queen of Sheba brought to King Solomon.”
Genesis 41:45 tells us about Asenath, the daughter potipherah, priest of ON. She became Joseph’s wife. She came from a black nation and mothered two children (Manasseh & Ephraim) for Israel through Joseph, Jacob’s son.
Jeremiah 38 recounts the integrity and courage of Ebed-Melech, an ethiopian Eunich who was working for the king at the time when the prophet Jeremiah was thrown into a dungeon to die of hunger. This brave servant went before the king to plead for and rescue the man of God.
Jeremiah 38:7 (FSB): The text connects him with the region of Cush, located south of Egypt, roughly in the area of modern Ethiopia. Jeremiah is rescued by a foreigner who recognizes the injustice done to him by his own countrymen.
Jeremiah 39:15–17 (LEB): “And the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah at his confinement in the courtyard of the guard, ⌊saying⌋, “Go and say to Ebed-melech the Cushite, ⌊saying⌋, ‘Thus says Yahweh of hosts, the God of Israel: “Look, I am about to bring my words to pass against this city for evil and not for good. And they will be ⌊before you⌋ on that day. But I will rescue you on that day,” ⌊declares⌋ Yahweh…”
As a result of his courage, boldness and desire to do what is right, we find out in Jeremiah 39:17 that God honours the prophetic word and Ebed-melech is spared because of his support and kindness for Jeremiah (FSB).
There are so many names in the Bible that I could mention but I want you to go back and start reading your Bible yourself.
Many think the Bible is a white man’s book, but that is complete deception. A complete fallacy. The word of God is for all races, colors, classes, sizes, and heights. It is for all mankind. It is a manual for your life. Take advantage of it and you will never regret it.
We need to get rid of these useless labels and stereotypes because we (the Black race) have been very useful to civilization from Bible times till now.
Know the truth of who you are…
Black people rise up! The truth you know will set you free. Jesus said He is the Truth. Get to know Him through His word and through prayer. Join a Bible study and learn about Him; you will find your identity in Christ Jesus.
Black is beautiful. White is beautiful. Brown is beautiful. You are beautiful. The point is that your color does not define you, and most importantly society’s idea of your potential (based on your race) should not limit you. You can do all things through Christ. However, I encourage the Black race, as a minority in this city, to rise up and believe God’s truth.
House of Prayer for all Nations is not a black church, but as its name states, it is for all nations to the glory of God. All nations are welcome and our desire is to help each individual develop themselves to see themselves as God sees them by entering in a personal relationship with God.
Come join us in the Father’s house and let us rejoice before him with our praise and worship.
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