Religion: A Blessing Or A Curse?

By Peter Bailey
The New Life Poet

From what I could ascertain from various sources of information, the meaning of “God” is as follows:
Divine, a being to worship, a supreme being seen as an omnipotent (all powerful) creator and ruler of the universe.
Nature created the universe and nature is all-powerful and it is everywhere. If one were to call nature God, then in my view they would be correct. Nature created life and destroys life; it does these things because that is the nature of the universe. It does not do those things intentionally. It is man who does things deliberately.
The question is: What does God-nature have to do with religion? The only thing that God has to do with religion is creating man. Then man created religion because man at the time, 4,000 years ago, was a wicked ignoramus.
Religion consists of dogma, theology, scriptures etc., which God had no more to do with than he had to do with creating nuclear bombs that could destroy the planet he created.
As soon as man got into the God-religion-making business he created so many different Gods and religions that I cannot begin to name them all or count them. He then set about corrupting all of them that were not corrupt in the first place, rendering them pretty well worthless, when it came to doing something good.
A fundamentalist would deny this, since fundamentalism is anti-historical. Therefore, whatever good religion originally possessed was lost to corruption.
The pattern seemed to have gone like this: firstly, brainwash people, then tell them God will punish them if they disagree. If that does not work tell them they are committing blasphemy (against God) and kill them. Once the people in power have “mind control” of the population, they can then set about getting the people to commit any atrocity and abomination in the name of religion.
One of the most important roles of religion was to acquire wealth by making war, looting and taking slaves, etc.
The first banks in the western world were churches. Remember Jesus in the temple turning over the moneylender tables. The people in power got their people to believe that they were fighting and killing to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. Poor people have never benefited from man-made God or religions.
Christians have slaughtered each other for over a thousand years and did not stop until 1945.
Muslims have been slaughtering each other for hundreds of years and are slaughtering each other today more than ever.
In recent years we’ve had two Canadians killed by Moslems (in Canada), and a few more around the world. About a month ago we had six Moslems killed by a Quebecois.
All of this hatred and killing for what?
While nefarious people are killing and hating each other, people are starving to death, not even water to drink.
And the earth that God gave us is dying because we are killing it with pollution. And the rich and the powerful are laughing all the way to the bank.
Now you tell me: Is religion a blessing or a curse.

Postscript: This commentary does not apply to the Black churches in Canada. They played no role in the nefarious acts that other religions took part in.