Many African Americans also fell under Donald Trump’s Republican spell…

I know, I know there are more important and interesting issues and things to write about than an individual south of the border living in an alternative space of his own delusional creation, aided and abetted by a dwindling collection of his apos-tles and disciples who had bought into his alternative view of his present condi-tion and the inevitable future (of his powerlessness) going forward.
While he continues to occupy a delusional mental space, grasping at what he has clearly lost, all the while continuing to spin fantastical stories of ‘voting fraud’ encouraged by a gradually dwindling coterie of [his] apostles and disciples, all of them are gradually fading in the political rearview mirror.
Nevertheless, diehards are occasionally appearing on television echoing sound-bites of “election fraud, vote rigging…”
Discussions continue in some alternative media as to why a sliver of the African American voting-age demographic could in all honesty cast a vote for an individ-ual who over a short-lived political career did nothing but view and describe Black people of all nationalities—American-born and immigrant alike—disparagingly. Black is Black after all; no stamp on the forehead to determine na-tionality.
Recall racist tidbits like “sons of bitches,” “shit-hole countries”, etc. in reference to Black people?
How could a significant number of them, especially males, consciously hitch their political wagon to Trumpism for the next four years by casting their votes for a presidential anomaly who has shown no interest in Black people or [their] inter-ests still boggles my mind.
They were simply exercising their democratic rights to vote for someone whom they thought would represent them and what they believe to be their often-ignored domestic interests, especially their social well-being, equally and fairly.
His [I’m] “the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered…” that he sold during his second presidential run must’ve convinced some of them.
Nevermind his offensive tone. For example, his insinuating during the election campaign that Afric-Asian California Senator, Kamala Harris, now Vice-President- elect, Kamala Harris, “…doesn’t meet the requirements” to run for president?
Look who’s talking pot and kettle.
That verbal barb was essentially a continuation of the “birther” conspiracy theory that he concocted and perpetuated about his two-term predecessor, Barack Obama. Remember?
In retrospect, that was very telling; it revealed the toxic character of the person whom had used compounding falsehoods to ultimately propel himself into the U.S. presidency.
Paradoxically, his bad habits have served him well; he continues to engage in a pattern of lying, deception and demonizing of ideological detractors the duration of his political life. And during his failed campaign for a presidential extension, the flawed, specious character oozed his toxic virus, at the time calling the in-coming Vice President a “monster” and a “communist.”
Sore loser.
One month on, he continues to engage in various political shenanigans and nox-ious bad habits… such as abusing/misusing the law and system, essentially to his personal advantage. Clearly his multiple advisers, including one of the pri-mary ones, Kellyanne Conway, who’s now out of the White House (not fired, by choice), and who coined the phrase “alternative facts” during a press conference early in his presidency. Who knew then that she was one of the apostles under his spell, and forgot to remind him about humility and magnanimity). He’s yet to publicly accept that his political ride, along with the trappings—including his penchant for engaging in notorious dealings and practices—is up.
Accept your defeat and simply concede.
If we could read his mind we would probably know (in more descriptive terms) what he’s thinking… But as we’ve learned the duration of his life on the political reality show known as the White House, he has achieved some notoriety with his loose lips, disparaging and demonizing his detractors.
“Loose lips sink ships…”, to borrow a line from early 1970s comedian Flip Wil-son. If he were alive today his Geraldine persona would put Donald in his place, busting a kick in his… to help him to prepare for a hasty departure.
Wonder what his Black voters are thinking right now. What is the attraction of that segment of Black people to him escapes me. For the duration of his comedic presidency I was stumped to pinpoint what he has ever done for Black folk as discussions persist as to how a sliver of the African American voting-age demo-graphic could in all honesty vote for an individual who over his one-term political life have done nothing but cast Black people of all nationalities in a (collective) disparaging way.
Meanwhile he said on a few occasions he has done “more for Black people…”
And I’m thinking like what…
Having agitated for decades people involved in the Civil Rights struggles in the 50s and 60s were able to force the U.S. president at the time, Lyndon B. Johnson to finally do something substantial and historical for Black people. On August 6, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the historic Civil Rights Act granting Black people the legal right to vote. Congress later “amended the Act five times to expand its voting rights protections…”
“The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a landmark piece of federal legislation in the United States that prohibits racial discrimination in voting.”
Aside from disparaging and demonizing them, what has Donald Trump done for Black people, especially the thousands who voted for him on November 3?
Aside from a June 2 tweet in which he stated, “My administration is delivering for African Americans like never before. No President has done more for our black community… African Americans than any other president” since Abraham Lin-coln.” Black people are still waiting…
Meanwhile, the man who is hell-bent on extracting a victory from an undeniable defeat continues to spin fanciful tales about election fraud, etc… All of which has me wondering how all those African Americans could’ve allowed themselves to fall under the spell of a self-serving neophyte who, despite his glaring falsehoods about doing more for the African American community than any other president in history.
Historians continue to laud Lyndon Johnson as the president who had “the most lasting impact on the lives of African Americans.
Trump’s presidential impact on the lives of African Americans will not even be an addendum in the annals of American history.
But the claim that Trump has exceeded every other president since Lincoln earned only derision from prominent historians. Instead, they said Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965,
Trump’s presidential impact on the lives of African Americans will not even be an addendum in the annals of American history. Who knew back then that millions of Americans, including a substantial number of Black and Latinx people would succumb to his spell. Once he mesmerized them he took them to the polls.
At least they weren’t forced to imbibe Kool-Aid.