The man many predicted would walk the political plank surprised his detractors… for a while

I stayed up late Monday night, Novemeber 2, the eve of age U.S. elections listening to
election “Talk”: political analyses, conversations and discussions were the enter-tainment on just about all television screens that evening and late into the night.
As usual, experts of all political persuasions stripes, particularly the two primary ones, as well as people of the multicultural and ideological demographic makeup of the country were included to have input in the/their American pastime.
[America after all is a growing and increasingly multi-ethnic, multi-racial nation; it’s no longer possible for institutions to silence and pretend them away. They are…]
On this election-eve entertainment was sparse, politics plentiful. If you love politics it was your night. In fact on a couple occasions I heard some callers to a Vermont ra-dio station [VPR] wish the host “Happy Election Day?”
No kidding…
You ever offered anyone that greeting?
That’s how Americans are invested… involved in their biggest electoral sport sea-son. Guess we could call it the Super Bowl of American politics.
Early votes were tabulated, so it was interesting watching and listening to the ‘back and forth’ talk.
But that became tiresome; I needed to rest my body. Sleep please, my body was sig-nalling.
I woke up the morning of Tuesday, November 3, and began stretching the overnight fog and webs from my mind and body, wondering what day it is…
I soon realized that it’s the day, US election day, what many had been touting as the “most important election in American history…”
As is generally known four years of the reality show character, whom many had re-garded as a publicity-seeking egoistic character, used the television-showbiz plat-form and gift of gab and, to most peoples’ surprise, parlayed his image as a prover-bial “reality show” star and cult-like persona to pursue his ambitions…
Beyond comprehension, the character we’ve come to know, and some say despise, catapulted his TV persona onto the political stage, not just to be an ordinary role player, but to play the ultimate role on stage — star… president?
And as the historical records in the world of international politics will now show and state, against all odds, and to the chagrin of many, he won the biggest prize on the international political stage, presidency of the United States.
[…] Four years on, and what many describe as a “presidential reign of chaos” under his belt, many still view that period and the character of the person who lorded over the country as an aberration.
Nevertheless, and against all odds he had transformed his real-life television character and “joker-like” political persona and un-bridled egoist personality and whipped many his cult-like po-litical adherents into a political force and movement, some say a “cult-like frenzy and force” as if to show and prove to Americans and the rest of the world that his first presidential victory was neither a fluke nor an aberration, that in his reality “the people love me…”
Which is why he was taking another kick at the can.
No doubt the presence of his immediate presidential predecessor, Barack Obama, a man with whom he has become fixated, and whom had served two terms as presi-dent has seemingly become an impetus for President Trump to equal the man whose name has become a recurring source of equal source of comedy and ridicule to Trump and his “cultists…” or “lemmings” as some people also describe them.
Reality TV was simply his extended audition for the role many people thought was simply a person with an unprecedented super ego dreaming in technicolor.
Truth is, I was in no way invested in the outcome of the election, other than in some way slightly (emotionally) hoping Donald Trump would be on the receiving end of a drubbing.
Like many people US election day and eve I sat on the couch to watch the election show and political drama playing out.
Things looked good in the beginning for the incumbent who was racking up num-bers and wins.
As it progressed (the gradual inflow (ebb and flow) of winners and losers) I had a porous electoral mindset. The ‘other side’ was winning, and things looked bleak for the opposition, especially when the score showed them quickly falling behind.
Nevertheless, the buzz was now about Biden on his way to make a speech — I was thinking concession speech… Soon, a parade of red flashing lights were visible on the highway heading to Democratic election headquarters.
When Biden hit the platform with his wife and started peddling hope to the small audience telling the gathering that it’s not over… ballots are still being counted…
Political drama was still playing out. But the Biden-Harrison team was gradually po-sitioning themselves for the championship.
I just didn’t want to hear news that the incumbent had won himself a second term.
God forbid!
Knowing that there was a chance that a political era of unprecedented “disgust, lies and dishonesty, social upheaval, racial animus” and more… was on the verge of fi-nally coming to an end.
Many in the radio and television audience spoke of a weight being lifted of their shoulders and feeling less stressed…
On November 4, challenger Joe Biden, one assumes the president-elect, in waiting… took to the microphone to herald in a new political era and new Democratic (party) administration in America.
Breathe freely for the next four years…
Time will tell how the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration begins/manages to put not just America’s broken [polarized] parts together, but especially restore and rebuild its self-inflicted tattered reputation and relationship with its international partners.
Just after 5 PM Thursday, November 5 it was unquestionable that based on the Electoral College count that the [Political] Trump Show was finally over.
Breathe for the next four years.