Let us value and celebrate time

IMPACT: Make every second count

John 8:32 teaches us that “you will know the truth and the truth you know will set you free”.

Knowing thePastor Julianna new truth is all about becoming knowledgeable about a given thing. Today we will increase our knowledge of “TIME”.
In the times and seasons we are living in now, it’s time to get practical. It’s time to be real and deal with some issues affecting our lives and families. In times like these, you have to know what to do.
It’s time to know about your life, so it is evaluation time for you.
In Ecc. 3:1-2, the Bible explains that to every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. This chapter also tells us of the importance of time. We cannot afford to waste anymore time on useless relationships nor can we allow others to waste our precious time any longer. I want you to know and understand the truth about “time”. Know is the accepted time for you to know the Lord of time.
Do you know that life and progress are measured in time. Time is the database of the universe. Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours , days, weeks, months and years. It starts out small and ends up big, but every second counts. These measurements of time are the main resource that enables you to progress and achieve greatness.
Do you know that one of the ways the devil tricks many of us is by taking up all our time with business, causing us to think we are doing so much when in fact we have not accomplished anything much at all.
As I began to study the importance of time, I realized that the Black race is insulted with the reputation that they are always late and never on time for anything. Let us put an end to that curse.
From today onward let us cherish time. Let us value and celebrate time. Let us start our functions on time, let us talk about time and make every effort to become masters of time.
We are going to stop lying to others about time. It’s time to face the truth and the truth is that time has limits for each individual. What you do with your time is very important. Please note that time is given to all humans and each one of us has 24 hours equaling one day which in turn gives us one week once seven days have elapsed and that week turns into a month and then a year and so forth.
However though time presses on in this fashion none of us live out each day each month and each year, each of us reaches our end and time continues on. Just know that there will come a special point in time when your time will expire from this world and after death, your creator will meet you face to face and ask you about your time management. Did you take time to know him?
It is not too late for you. He promised to restore unto you the years that were lost or wasted and eaten by the locust and cankerworms of life. Today I encourage you to measure your life based on the time you’ve used so far. Measure your progress, achievements and successes and make the necessary adjustments.
This is your time to meditate and think about you. Other people only recognize you in life when you take time to do something big for yourself. So dream big. It’s time to make your life worth living. It’s time to choose good friends to take you to another level. It’s time to love and forgive all those who have wasted your time.
Please remember that time is in the hands of our creator so take the time he has given to also bless the Lord and He will surely deliver you in the times of trouble.
Don’t you ever forget that only God holds the time in your days.