IMPACT: The right way to live

Pastor Julianna new
To be a man or woman of impact you must know the power of the word “right”. The Word of God is teaching me with each passing day, how to live right. There is always a right and a wrong but we choose which way we will live.
We are living in a generation today where people do not know the significance and the power of the word “right”. Many people today are so disoriented that they’re calling things that are wrong “right” and things that are “right” wrong. So who do we trust to know the right way? How do we become righteous enough to live right?
On the one hand, there are some things in life that we inherently know are right, and on the other hand things we know are wrong. However, the moment you desire to do that which is right and seek after its truths; that word “right” can consequently help you to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and after confessing it, you become a righteous being: a child of God.
The righteousness obtained through salvation is not by any means of your own good works but simply through the perfect righteousness of Christ which clothes and inhabits you through the Holy Spirit. Meaning you become right through Christ who already paid the price to present you perfect to the Holy throne of the Father through the son.
It’s during that time that the Lord creates a right Spirit in you so that you can live in the right way with your family and friends.
God’s ways are always right and he wants us to live and walk righteously before him. The “right” way is the way of life, the way of light and holiness. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Righteous people who live, walk, and talk righteous can exalt a nation to become righteous.
In life, you need your right connections. Such connections benefit you in various areas such as in marriage, for your job, your business and even to find the right church. Connections are very important but you need to get the right ones. Not every connection in life is a good one and each connection is not the right one. So many people get hurt in life from wrong connections.
Connections can also be vital to life. For example, what if your knee-cap was connected to your spinal cord? That would be a connection but it would not be right for either the knee or the spinal cord to function efficiently. Many of us make mistakes and go to the wrong people for counseling and end up with wrong advice. Some connect themselves with wrong friends who promote iniquity around them causing them to get into serious problems.
This year , I want to warn you about wrong connections; it can lead you to destruction and corruption.
Beloved readers, I urge you to take your inventory of  friends. Some of your friends are not healthy to your existence. Look for friends that challenge you in a positive way, enabling you to advance in life and grow mentally spiritually and emotionally. Look for someone with whom you maintain a holy and healthy competition. Please note, when a friendship is corrupt destiny is also disrupted. If you want to go far in life be selective in your relationships and be willing to kill sentiments.
Remember, whoever is not an addition is a subtraction. Confess to yourself this year that you are looking for the right connections to push your dreams forward and help your destiny get fulfilled.

Yours truly,
Pastor Julianna