IMPACT: The power of proper preparation

Pastor Julianna new
Unfortunately it seems that preparation has lost its value over the years. Some of us think it is not important anymore but seeing we are preparing for elections very soon I will address the power of preparation.
Everyone should know the importance of personal preparations. No matter what your goal, purpose or vision is in life, you need the non-negotiable commitment to the art of preparation, which entails planning, programming and a willingness to seek the necessary help.
Panning is the part  that  Involves fact finding intelligent people who know how to get facts. Consequently, the quality of one’s preparation determines the quality of his or her results in any examination.
Inasmuch, an outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative preparation today. There are many great destinies that were aborted because people failed to prepare.
Many die and leave the whole family in confusion because they never made the necessary preparations. So many are still fearful of the process and reluctant to prepare their will, their funeral arrangements, or the proper insurance and as a result countless families are suffering.
Governments have now become rich  from the people who have money but never left it to anyone in their family.
Solomon is the wisest man in the Bible. In the book of Proverbs 24 vs 3 to 4 he gives a clear evaluation of the potency of preparation. Read it and you’ll find this poetic stream of truth has much guidance to offer us in the realm of preparation.
Now, planning is in the long term as well as in our daily duties. For instance, an aircraft is technically prepared for a successful flight the highly paid engineers are always on the alert to carry out all essential checks on the ground before takeoff.
Considering the engineers are paid greater than the air hostesses, you can see that preparation is more  important than you think.
The time you spend in planning is not a waste of time rather it is time invested; because the quality of your planning determines the speed and pace in which you can accomplish your task.
Also it’s important to develop a flexible attitude and learn as much as you can to perfect the knowledge that fuels your preparation.
We all must take responsibility to plan. Planning is a non-transferable responsibility. There is no substitute for it.
Be encouraged to be your best; and make a positive impact by planning things out. In the next article, we will talk about the different types of preparation so stay tuned.