IMPACT: The art of preparation

Pastor Julianna new
Preparation, preparation, preparation…
To become men and women of impact you must know the power of preparation and purpose.
This is our last segment in this series on preparation, so I hope it will sink in, allowing you, the readers, to grasp all the aspects and values linked to preparation.
There are two sides to preparation—positive and negative, spiritual and physical. No matter what your goal is, or your purpose in life, it will require personal preparation.
Every vision and every dream calls for the act and the art of preparation. Even daily tasks call for preparation. Every building process demands preparation. It’s impossible for you to build a house, a business, a company or anything that requires growth without first sitting down and ensuring that you are well equipped for the task.
Qualitative preparation is a blessing; it determines the quality of the outcome.
Preparation is also vital to your life because it entails planning, programming and seeking necessary help.
In order to prepare, one has to use their mind, and think. The Bible says as a man thinks so is he. God has given every man a brain to think wisely (proverbs 24: 3­4 ).
Every life and each Enterprise is built by wise planning, then it becomes strong through the use of common sense and potentially becomes profitable by means of fact finding and intellectual arrangements.
I am sure that by now you must get the picture that there is a God who has prepared for you to be born at this time and season.
Readers, it was God’s idea and God’s word that said let us make man after my image and likeness. It’s his idea to make both male and female, both having been created with a common purpose, to produce, to multiply and to replenish the whole earth. All over the world, nations, cities, countries, males and females are joined together to do exactly what was first prepared in the mind of God, and it will last through all eternity and throughout the ages. It is a natural order that cannot be altered or changed by any human being that would ever live on planet Earth.
God has prepared us in his mind and in his heart to be human beings, both male and female, we were prepared and destined to be wise and intelligent planners on planet Earth.
The creator and greatest planner and orchestrator himself has destined mankind to reflect His own glory by being like Him. Your purpose in life is given to you by your Creator, so be prepared to fulfill it!
You will be given dreams and visions to inspire you to reach your place of potential. Be prepared for each opportunity and be mindful that your God-given visions and ideas are more than dreams and aspirations to inspire, but they are mandates to be fulfilled. It is a command for you to carry out.
My word for you readers is to be prepared for all that life may bring, and seek God’s Word for the strategies, solutions and keys each step of the way.
Remember, Jesus loves you.