IMPACT: Relationships, Part II

There is a severe lack of respect and trust in relationships. So It’s time to build solid ones that will stand the test of time whether personal, professional or casual.
When it comes to relationships everything starts with respect. We must value other people; we are living in a generation where human relationships are not important, and maybe that is the reason why every big company has a human relations department.
We must learn to make others feel important in our presence. Regardless of their actual status or position we must learn to value people to the point where they can feel the level to which you respect and appreciate them.
Learn to be relational even with people you don’t know. Learn to develop trust when interacting with others, even in a brief encounter; knowing that a person can trust you can make the experience all the more pleasant and effective.
For longterm relationships to succeed, trust is essential. For example, many marriages end in divorce because of a lack of respect and trust.
Do you know a one-sided relationship will never last long? Relationships will never succeed if the parties are not relating, communicating, exchanging and sharing. It takes two…
To be respected and trusted are greater compliments than to be loved without. You cannot sustain any healthy relationship without them.
We must also learn to show we care about others outside of our family circle.
Your family is not the only group of people out there, nor are they the only ones who can benefit from having time and a quality relationship with you. There are others in your surroundings, community, etc., who could truly benefit and be blessed from a conversation, a relationship, fellowship and collaboration with you.
Be willing to share yourself with others and discover what a blessing you truly are and how blessed you can be in return. Nothing in the world will give you greater success and satisfaction than when you are a highly relational person.
I personally know God only uses relational people. Such people are very compassionate towards others and will go out of their way to understand others. They never look down on others, but rather have the ability to communicate effectively and personally with others regardless of their race, sex, or status etc.
I urge you to stop being fearful of relationships. So many are fearful or dread connecting with people because of past bad personal experiences.
My friend, understand that relationships are part of the design for mankind and healthy for everyone. Let go of the bad, but always remember there is more good.
Avoid being self-centred and try to see things from other people’s perspective.
Learn to appreciate other people’s differences, learn to forgive others even if they hurt you. Learn to be a good communicator and practice being an encourager because nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.
I want to also encourage you to read your Bible everyday; it is all about relationships. Everyone needs to know the Lord Jesus Christ and have a relationship with him. Everyone needs to be loved, so you should know that Jesus is a great lover, in fact He is the lover of our souls.
Everyone needs friendship, encouragement and help. He, Jesus, is waiting for you to invite him alongside you and He is willing to help you.
He sees you as special, precious, unique, and predestined, so give Jesus a chance to join your family. He wants to connect with you, fellowship with you and help you reach your full potential in life.
God sent Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary to reconcile us with Him, mending the relationship between God and mankind through the blood of Jesus Christ.
He paid the ultimate price to allow access to a relationship with Him, take the free gift of salvation and discover how sweet and pleasant a life with God can be, and He will heal your relationships and teach you how to excel in this area.
If you have questions about this awesome salvation made possible through Christ Jesus, visit us at House of Prayer for All Nations at 4119 deMaisonneuve West (Atwater metro). Sundays from noon to 3pm, or Tuesdays from 6:30pm to meet with one of our loving pastors who will pray for you and minister the truth and Love of God to you.

Pastor Julianna Daniel