IMPACT Oct 2019: He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

People who understand their divine purpose in life and know they are destined to be great usually have a plan. We all must know that we are created by a master planner. Our God made plans for us before we were born. Even our births planned events.
He planned your parents without your consent. He planned your timely birth by day, month, and year. He scheduled the season, the exact time and location along with the type of environment in which you would be born. He handpicked the midwives, doctors and nurses associated with your arrival and delivery.
It is time for you to know that God has plans for your life. He wants to prosper you. He wants you to know that you have a destiny to fulfill.
Stop living carelessly. We hop into wrong relationships; we hop into wrong places at wrong times. We hop from one church to another. We hop from one job to another. We hop from one problem to another for lack of a proper course. Did you not know that God has made a way for you? Stop your hopping syndrome and get focused. These behaviours have aborted many great destinies because of lack of knowledge. The enemy takes advantage of us when we do not have plans in life. Have a vision for your season and walk towards it; or run if you must, but stay on course.
Your fulfillment in this life is to discover and rediscover that your life circulates around plans and planning. It is time to connect yourself to the master planner, God, by entering in a sweet relationship with his son Jesus Christ. In doing so, you can fulfil your divine purpose and plans during your lifetime.
In fact, planning is a gift from God. It is a manifestation of His likeness in you. It should be used as a vehicle to take you to your destiny and purpose.
God formulated a glorious plan for you by giving each and every one of us a birthday. Time and seasons are in His hands. I want you to know that God is intentional and you are not an accident nor an after-thought. You are a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully created. He planned everything you will be and even your desires are a part of His design.
He is also aware of your lifespan. Please be aware that your life is full of seasons and for each one, there is a prescribed length of time for each of us to commence and then complete our seasons. It is very important that we do not miss the times and seasons that God has established for us.
This message is intended to inform you of the planner extraordinaire, God himself, the creator and orchestrator of all things. My objective is to reaffirm that God is the real planner of your life. He is an invincible planner. God has designed divine purpose for you. So, plan to work with him so that you can fulfill your destiny.
It is always good to plan. This time, commit your plans to the lord and he will direct you. For example, before marrying again, plan with a professional planner. He can plan anything you desire. Remember, God has good plans for you so check in with him on a daily basis.
Should you desire some direction and counsel on how to discern the plan of God for your life or where to find the key sections in His word that describe and outline his plans and prescriptions; join us at HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL NATIONS. We have pastors, evangelists and group leaders skilled and equipped to help guide and council you upon the divers paths of life.
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Yours truly,
Pastor Julianna Daniel