IMPACT: In search of loyalty

Pastor Julianna new
To be men and women of Impact, we must appreciate the importance of loyalty.
It is increasingly difficult to find honest, faithful and loyal people of good understanding these days. Even those that started out loyal can sometimes change and become disloyal.
Disloyalty usually steps in with strife, murmuring and feelings of hatred and dishonesty. One must be spiritual minded to truly discern such character. On the other hand, loyal people will defend a cause for all that it’s worth without wavering.
For example, in times of the revolution, loyalist defended their cause and stood faithful to the end. Where are those today that are in it for the long haul, and not only remain but remain with good character and integrity?
Loyal people are very committed and demonstrate patience to endure to the end even when the circumstances are less comfortable or favorable.
These are people who are team spirited and love genuinely. Loyalist can strengthen and keep a network, keep large businesses’ flowing over years and even generate a profit.
They prove that they can handle financial responsibility because they are trustworthy. Their honesty and prosperous mentality allow others to depend on and partner with them. Many want to connect and partner with them because they support the life and success of what they have committed to.
The Bible talks to us about how important it is to have a good name and to maintain that good name throughout your lifetime. A loyal person will be remembered regardless of whether they die rich or poor, their goodness and faithfulness will continue to praise them through the testimonies of others for generations.
A disloyal person, however,  is one who at the root of things is dishonest, unfaithful, and ultimately uncommitted whether they show it or not. Such people can often breed strife and confusion wherever they go.
Unfortunately the character of many such people are marked by betraying their friends and family. In all cases however, they always prove toxic and dangerous.
Readers, we are living in times where we cannot know a person by discerning only  the outward appearance of a man. Doing so will only lead you to years of pain and frustration.
We need the help of God to discern loyal or disloyal people. In order to do so, you simply need to pray and ask God to give you the spirit of discernment to see the real from the fake, the lies from the truth, the good from the bad, the genuine from the synthetic or pretense.
My encouragement and advice to you today is to not allow disloyal men or women to lead you away in a disloyal relationship. Do not be seduced by disloyal women but seek out the true qualities of loyalty that go beyond words and feelings.
If however you cannot detect them on your own, make a conscious effort to stay true and to be loyal. Make sure that you, yourself, are staying focused and faithful and in return,  the Lord himself will rescue you. Call on the name of Jesus and he will rescue you from the disloyal people in your life.