IMPACT: DO you know the condition of your foundation?

Pastor Julianna new
Many don’t want to think about the importance of foundation. Most of the afflictions that befall men, institutions, communities and nations are caused by foundational problems.
A foundation is the first part of a building under construction. Under a beautiful building there’s a foundation that determines the height of the building, its size and strength. Some foundations are shallow, some are deep, but regardless of its design every building must have a foundation.
In years gone by, anybody could just put up a shack and call it a house; but due to the standard of living the construction of homes is now left to professionals. I’m talking about trained, skilled professionals who know what they’re doing.
I have seen many houses in the West Indies last just a few years and then fall apart because of foundational problems.
Today, I want to talk to those who do not want to hear anything about their parents. Your parents are at the very beginning of your life’s construction process and whether you like it or not they are your irreversible foundation lasting the rest of your life. And please note that even your own children are connected to your parents.
Today, doctors can’t treat many of your illnesses and diseases because when they ask you questions about your foundation and your parents and your ancestors many of you do not tell them the truth about your family. For example, they may ask you what your father died of and your reply might be “I don’t know ” when in fact you know full well.
Some sicknesses in our bodies are a result of our heritage and the people in our foundation, so I encourage you to tell the doctor the best of what you know and tell the truth. Though the foundation is part of you, always remember the foundation is not you.
Always keep in mind that your foundation is important. As the roots of a tree are to its existence and longevity, so are the foundations of a building to its stability and security. Furthermore, so is your family and history to your future development. Do not get me wrong, your parents’ lives will not automatically dictate the outcome of yours; however, it is always good to know what our lives are built upon in case renovations are required.
I want you to understand that there are cracked foundations, leaking foundations, weak foundations and strong foundations. There are also polluted foundations and effective foundations. There are many different types of foundations and if you do not confront and deal with the foundational problems of your life it will only be a matter of time before the whole structure collapses.
Some mothers fail to give their children the right father, which causes foundational problems. On the other hand some fathers fail to take responsibility for their children and instead pass it on to another man; this can also cause foundational problems. Some fathers and mothers are drunkards and liars, while some are simply wicked and angry. Some parents are found running from man to man or woman to woman, which does not provide a good example to the children, nor lay a good foundation for them.
Though your life may be strong and advancing, don’t ever forget where you came from. Some of you hide behind the image you portray not wanting to face reality.
A foundation is much deeper and more significant than you think. It has to do with a person, their ancestry, their birthplace, their environment, their religious and spiritual influences and more. All these things play a role in building character, identity and the lifestyle of a person.

Some of our parents and ancestors lived and served false gods; some were card readers, some diviners, and some were mixing craft with serving the true and living God.
We see today the generation does not want true holy living, but rather want to smoke, drink, womanize and still have a church position as a pastor, priest, pointer, Bishop, etc.
We have to be real in order to change our society.
It’s time to get back to our foundations; we need to deal with all the confusion, the anger and the fear in our foundations. I encourage you to be willing to forgive your parents and your family. Some of you have not been speaking for years over a stupid piece of land, or some of you are fighting over money, which in both cases neither can be taken with you when you die.
Because of foundational issues and problems many of us just end up building our lives on top of stones of hate, angry stones and bricks of envy as a blueprint for our children and grandchildren.
Readers, it’s time to get back to your roots and deal with your foundation.
I also want you to know that God is very much a part of your foundation. Read the Bible and you will see how much he promotes inheritance, descendants, lineage and families.
We all have foundations and we all have foundational issues and problems to confront, but I encourage you to take an inventory of your situation. Evaluate and determine whether renovations or repairs should be done, or even learn the steps and keys to maintain a good foundation so that the building of your life can stand and stand strong.