Geordie brings the film Black Ballerina to Selwyn House

Rosie Awori

On March 28, Geordie Theatre will  present a special screening of BLACK BALLERINA a film that “uses the ethereal world of ballet to engage audiences in a subject that reaches far outside the arts and compels viewers to think about larger issues of diversity, equality and inclusion.”
The film will be showing as a precursor to Geordie theatre’s next play, REACHING FOR STARLIGHT.
BLACK BALLERINA tells the story of several Black women from different generations who fell in love with ballet. Six decades ago, Joan Myers Brown, Dolores Browne and Raven Wilkinson faced racism in the pursuit of their careers in classical dance.
Today, young dancers of color continue to face formidable challenges breaking into the overwhelmingly white world of ballet.
Moving back and forth in time, this lyrical, character driven film shows how far we still have to go and stimulates a fresh discussion about race, inclusion and opportunity across all sectors of society.
Equality is a promise and a process that continues but is far from complete. Through a multi-layered story about the ballet world, BLACK BALLERINA makes us think about the complexities of change and offers a diverse perspective on a complex issue. By providing a lesson in basic fairness, the documentary encourages dialogue about inclusion and equal access to opportunity.
BLACK BALLERINA is produced by Shirley Road Productions and will be showing at Selwyn House’s Coristine Hall 95 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Antoine, Montreal From 7PM.

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