Dynasty Gala will Celebrate the Best Among Us

Dynasty Gala will Celebrate the Best Among Us

Red carpet event at L’Olympia

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The way Carla Beauvais tells it: It’s a shame that there are so many role models in our community that go unnoticed, that’s why it’s so important to shine the spotlight on those among us who are excelling in their respective fields.
And it’s exactly what organizers of the Gala Dynastie hope to achieve when they pull back the curtains on March 5 at L’Olympia for the red carpet award event that will celebrate excellence among Black professionals in various areas of life in Quebec.
Says Beauvais, head of communications for the Gala, “For some time now, a fair amount of ink has been spilled debating the place of diversity in the media, cultural, political—and even business—landscape here, and the demands that have resulted have grown louder over the years.
“In a context in which public life doesn’t reflect the diverse voices of the population, we have decided to take action. This Gala seeks to shine a light on the efforts and the passion exhibited by each of our finalists, in order to lay bare the excellence found within our communities.”
The event will fall under the auspices of the City of Montreal’s 375th Anniversary celebrations, which will be an opportunity to celebrate the best among high achievers in media, business, sports and film.
A jury made up of Ben Marc Diendéré, Fabienne Colas, Honey A. Dresher,
Madeleine Féquière, Stéphane Moraille, Richard Burnett and Suzanne Hilaire will make the final selection.

The nominees include:
Actor/Actress Of The Year
Benz Antoine,
Frédéric Pierre,
Myriam De Verger,
Vlad Alexis,
Goûchy Boy,
Ayisha Issa

Business Figure Of The Year
Stevens Charles,
Mariam Sy Diawara,
Bruny Surin,
Byron & Dexter Peart,
Koku &
Gildas Awuye

Anglophone Artist Of The Year

Nomadic Massive,
The Posterz,
The Brooks,
Wayne Tennant,
Dawn Tyler Watson

Francophone Artist Or Group Of The Year
Karim Ouellet,
Mélissa Bédard,
Leïla Lanova

Artist Or Group Of The Year On The International Scene
Malika Tirolien,
The Posterz,
Tamara Weber Fillion,

Comedian Of The Year
Andrew Searles,
Richardson Zéphir,
Bruno Ly,
Rodney Ramsey,
Eddy King

Anglophone Radio Personality Of The Year
Shari Okeke,
Yolande James,
Jennifer Allen,
Nantali Ndongo,
Duke Eatmon

Francophone Radio Personality Of The Year
Meeker Guerrier,
Stanley Pean,
Philippe Fehmiu,
Rebecca Makonnen,
Isabelle Racicot

Community-Radio Personality Of The Year
Andy Williams & Scott C,
Pat Dillon-Moore,
Butcher T,
Howard Stretch Carr,
Stephen Hennessy

Francophone Community-Radio Personality Of The Year
Chad Damord,
Cyrille Ekwalla,
Félix Zogning,
Keithy Antoine,
Neil Armand

Director Of The Year
Amandine Gay,
Benz Antoine and Jean-Hervé Désiré,
Will Prosper,
Henri Pardo

Sports Personality Of The Year
Félix Auger-Aliassime,
Jennifer Abel,
Patrice Bernier,
Steven Butler

Anglophone Television Personality Of The Year
Catherine Verdon-
Maya Johnson,
Sean Henry,
Elisia Bryan-Baynes,

Francophone Television Personality Of The Year
Lorna Gordon,
Myriam Fehmiu,
Pierre-Yves Lord,
Nicolas Ouellet,
Andy Mailly Pressoir

Anglophone Web Influencer Of The Year
Candice Pantin,
Petrona Jacqueline Joseph,
Bundi Laditan,
Marcus Troy

Francophone Web Influencer Of The Year
Anne-Lovely Étienne,
Gérardine Jeune,
Kevin Raphael,
Willy B., Rose Sarah
XL” St-Fleur

World-Music Artist Of The Year
Pierre Kwenders,
Lorraine Klaasen

Dommage Dynastie Prize
The Homage Dynastie Prize will be awarded to Paul Fehmiu-Brown. This historian,
who today suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is known for the path that he’s paved and
for the crucial nature of his contributions to the field of history. Paul Fehmiu-Brown haswritten many articles, as well as several books, on the history of Black people, such asthe three-volume Ces Canadiens oubliés, as well as En commençant par la fin, Appeldu sang, Inventeurs et héros noirs, Marie-Josèphe-Angélique and, his latest, Les
cahiers de Sicka.