Curses and the ancestral line


In previoPastor Julianna newus editions, we’ve discussed the importance of foundations. Inasmuch, if foundations are important, then it’s time for all of you out there to believe and understand family patterns, which includes family curses.
Whether you believe it or not, they exists.
There was a great Evangelist in the 18th century by the name of Jonathan Edwards. He
completed a study about foundations and in doing so they also analyzed the family tree by going through the family line and its lineage.
The subjects of his study were vast , involving multiple demographics including 13 college presidents, 65 college professors, 30 judges, 100 lawyers, 100 pastors, 75 Army/Navy officers, 60 physicians, and 80 public servants. The list also includes  three United States senators, one vice president, multiple ministers from foreign nations, long side 60 others of prominent status.
Mr. Edwards did not only include “the greats” of society in his research, but studies were also carried out on a certain contemporary to Mr. Edwards known as Marx Jukes. Jukes did not come from a supportive family and as a result when he grew up, he became a drunkard and never kept a steady job. He was married but often left his wife with many children to care for while he was running from woman to woman. He fought his wife and repeatedly beat her until she left him.
Over 500 of his descendants came under the searchlight of scholars who found out that among these, were 150 criminals who were convicted for murder and 100 drunkards. Of the statistics of his family lineage, half of the females were prostitutes but all of them had children out of wedlock and never married.
As the researchers did in the case of Marx Jukes, many religions and cultures take inventories of family patterns and curses; especially when investigating their children’s potential mate, who is another reason, why some cultures solicit arranged marriages.
They invest a lot of time, effort and resources in such analysis because they know the potential dangers involved.
Some cultures would even go so far as to kill people who marry outside of the culture’s desired standard in order to prevent them from affecting their family line.
The purpose of all this, is to emphasize that some curses are inherited from our family lineage and that some things that we are carrying in life are a result of our genes and bloodline.
We are directly linked to our parents genes whether they are good or bad. Even your ancestors play a direct role in your life whether they are alive or dead.
Not having known or having had a relationship with your family does not separate you from the family tree nor its roots ( and whatever curses may stem from them).
This is a fact and as Mr. Edwards has demonstrated, the research also supports it. Even now in modern case studies they will have you sign a document stating that they may follow you and your descendants in order to understand the long-term results of their study.
This information is not intended to frighten anyone, rather it is intended to enlighten and inform you of a reality that affects us all and that you may also understand that curses can be broken. Jesus has a specific purpose for which he came on the earth and that purpose is to die for mankind and redeem it from sin.
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil including inherited curses from the bloodline; which have the ability to keep people in bondage like we witnessed in the life of Mr. Jukes and many of his descendants.
The authority in the name of Jesus through deliverance has the power to break any curse over your life and break negative family patterns.
Jesus is the bondage breaker it is written in Jeremiah 32:27 ” I am the LORD God of all humanity. Nothing is too hard for me “.