Class-Action brings optimism among the collective

Young people who have been oppressed, brutalized,
and ignored for years now believe in a new day

The collective the indispensable
The collective is always more important than the individual.
It must remain together to resist negative forces and to never fall apart in times of uncertainty or upheaval. In fact, it is the ‘whole’ that’s responsible for nourishing the parts and for breathing life into it when its branches are desperate to find enough oxygen to stay strong.
Imagine the consequences of a drought; division causes even worse damage.
Look at our community. It has been keeping the people in abject conditions for the past five hundred years, and that situation must end.
True leadership is needed for that victory to come; the next step in that collective lawsuit demonstrates that a new kind of leadership is forming amongst us.
Praise it. And remember this each time we stand to divide the whole and destroy the collective.
“The jungle is brutal. Wolves are eating our babies alive.” Everyone can see it. The police are coming with no mercy; our youth are in grave danger out there, and one does not belong in the fight if that blatant reality is too difficult to grasp.
The collective needs all its branches, its members, to prevent its destruction. We are all threatened by the killings and abuses; we have to avoid being on the list of “endangered species.”
The Natives did, but no one cared to protect them until today. Also, it is obnoxious to create a legacy around a paralyzing ravine of division when it is the time for unity to liberate us from countless instances of injustice.
The acquisition of our fundamental rights and freedom come first. Great minds build each other since there is no delight in destroying each other. Hope we all understand that necessity in society.
Honestly, fame weakens a great fighter at times. The best punches are perhaps thrown in the shadow and not in the light, and it is vital to figure when it’s time has to seize the moment, “caper diem.”
Hasta la vista. Change is inevitable.
Unambiguously, the whole is what allows a people, the branches, to grow and to prosper like other members of all societies. Anyone with a clear vision knows it is essential to never violate the whole and to divide it since self-defeatism is despicable when rising together is indispensable in the world.
It is what helps to build a solid community and the fabric upon which everyone relies in order to build a better future for its members and to safeguard its interests in the face of hostility and assault by invading forces.
Failure to understand that dynamic is a great weakness, and that kind of trivial aspect is a threat to the survival of all.
Somehow, it is contemptible to violate the collective in order to shine above all else. In a fight to change the condition of a community, it is never important to seek any moment of stardom.
A member must rise based on his/her own strength and merit. It makes no sense to capsize the boat and to kill every passenger because one is unable to swim well.
Particularly, in this moment, there is no time to reduce this historical victory into the affairs of one man. Only a real builder is able to make a small cabin become a heritage for future generations.
Aspiration is a wonderful quality, yet it is misplaced when it is used as dark mists to remove the spark from a rising star. Unless one is an absolute nihilist, there is no reasonable explanation that emphasizes the purpose of seeking to be radiant mainly in the dark.
Revoltingly, the collective was buried too deeply in that dark. Too many branches were falling in the system’s trap. It is time to wake up and to walk a different path. We are living in a dire time.
The urgency for change is impelling [us] to be selfless and lucid, and it is a time in history that requires to contain our ego and pride and to put the fate of the collective in the forefront as a means to achieve the greater good for all members of the whole, the community.
The collective is everything that matters in this determining period of unavoidable change. History is made with the intention to help the collective breathe easier.
Without a doubt, our fate is intertwined in a way that makes it impossible to achieve anything great individually. Teamwork is essential to go far in life and to become significant in society. The “I” means absolutely nothing when lives are in grave danger. Especially given that the kind of oppression and police abuse members of the community are facing requires a clear vision to free the whole from the grip of oppression, discrimination, prejudice, and police abuse. The massacre must end.
Lately, the formidable win! Yes, that glorious victory in court against the city of Montreal to end racial profiling was inexplicable. Young people who have been oppressed, brutalized, and ignored for years now believe in a new day.
Justice will finally come if everyone preserves the same spirit, the collective attitude.
In fact, this victory must be treated as a gift to uplift and not to divide a segment of the leadership.
It was something phenomenal the community has received from the team of fresh fighters, and they are determined to make the best of every opportunity to make a difference in the collective.
Cherish the kind of power that brought such an historical victory against racial profiling.
The community, meaning the whole, the collective, has been waiting for such a moment since the 17th Century. After this entire period of time, it was the result of teamwork that allowed even the most ineffective appear bright and useful.
In 1664, the law of Maryland, the anti-amalgam or miscegenation law had reduced all folks of African descent to the state of slave, chattel slavery, a piece of property, the humans never fit to be humans. Figure the math.
Now, in 2019, after a well-planned but strategic fight, the court finally returned our right to be humans again. The collective must rise. 2019 minus 1664 is the number of years that we have been living in this sordid condition.
In the end, no one matters now. Collective success surpasses the narcissistic or paralyzing approach of an individual. The whole must shine brighter than its parts.
P.S. Victims of racial profiling are urged to file complaints at the Black Coalition in support of the collective lawsuit against the Montreal police and to receive compensations – if eligible – to get paid as a result of any illegal detention, wrongful traffic tickets, unjustifiable arrest, and abuses…
From August 14, 2017, and January 11, 2018. July 11, 2018 to January 11, 2019. These are the dates the incidents have to reflect.
Call 514 489 3830 for more details, and file complaints to support a serious movement for change.