Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Try the 30-Day Challenge

It’s that time of year again…. the time to challenge yourself for 2023.
So, what is a 30-day challenge? It’s an effective strategy to begin to build new habits.
A 30-day challenge can be more manageable if your long-term goals seem too overwhelming. A 30-day challenge is a short-term commitment that can help jumpstart your long-term goals.
I like these challenges because 30-day challenges keep you focused and can be highly beneficial because you can schedule them several times a year.

Challenges can help you create new habits, test your strengths, reveal your weaknesses and help you to be more consistent.
Think about it…
What can you accomplish in the next 30 days to improve your life and well-being?
How do you imagine you’d feel at the end of your successful 30-day challenge?
We all have areas in our lives that we need to work on.
My question to you is…
What short-term goal would you like to complete in the next 30 days?
Have you considered quitting an unhealthy or bad habit, like giving up certain foods and drinks or even smoking for 30 days?
Would you like to read more consistently?
Have you thought about how much money you can save in 30 days?
Do you want to work out daily? Drink more water?
Detox from social media for 30 days?
Change your negative thinking into more positive thinking over the next month?
Organize or de-clutter your space?
Begin the practice of quiet time, meditation, or prayer?
Would you like to practice daily self-care or try something new for 30 days?
Whatever you decide, your challenge should be manageable and achievable but still challenging.
Remember, your results can build your self-confidence, help you grow, make you feel more accomplished, and be more productive throughout the coming year.
If this is your first attempt at a 30-day challenge, don’t beat yourself up if you mess up; decide that you’ll learn from any mistakes and keep going.
You might have to restart several times before you succeed, and you’ll always have the option to decrease your challenge to 7, 14, or 21 days to start.
It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being consistent for a specific amount of time, doing the hard work necessary to succeed, and learning more about yourself.
Keep it simple, commit to your challenge, track your progress and stick to it.
I want to challenge you to challenge yourself for the next 30 days.
Remember… nothing changes if nothing changes. I believe that you can do hard things.
Consistency over time equals success.

You’ve got this!