Celebrating Saviors’ Day in Montreal

On the weekend of February 21 and 22, the Muhammad Study Group of Montreal will organize a local celebration of Black History Month and Saviors’ Day Convention.
Traditionally, the Nation of Islam’s Saviors’ Day Convention is held in Chicago at the end of February and attracts tens of thousands of people of all backgrounds, not just members of the movement.
In recent years, special guests included Will and Jada Smith, Snoop Dogg (Lion), T.I. and many others.
As always, Saviors’ Day weekend in Chicago is packed with educational activities that help to raise the consciousness of the Black Community and address issues like Black Economic Empowerment.
This year, the convention will not be held in Chicago, but in each city where there are mosques and Study Groups.
So the Montreal Chapter will organize a two-day event to bring Saviors’ Day to this city.
On Saturday, February 21, there will be daylong workshops and conferences on subjects like the state of Montreal Hip Hop, and Community Building at 212 Panet Street, Montréal. There will also be a range of children’s activities focusing on Black History, along with a vending area for food and books. The event is co-organized with Pharaoh Freeman and the O.F.C (One Full Circle).
On Sunday, February 22, will be the main event of Saviors’ Day with a live broadcast from Chicago at Christ Universal Church for the keynote address by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who will address the current state of injustice against the Black community in the USA in particular, in light of recent cases of police brutality. This event will be at 99 Avenue Viger Ouest, Montréal, and is free. Doors will open at 1 p.m.
For more info, visit noimontreal.org (the site is in English and French) or call 514-806-