At 109 years old, Mrs. Una Adams enjoys reading and African violets

At 109 years old, Mrs. Una Adams  enjoys  reading and African violets

As she approaches another birthday on October 15th, her 109th, Mrs. Una Adams says these days she is less inclined for any big celebration.
“I’m really looking forward to spending the day with my family. That for me is as good as it gets.”
She says family is never far away, but having them around on that special day really means something, and is hoping also that one of her grandsons, who is currently in Nova Scotia, will be making the trip to see her soon.
As it has been when we spoke on her 105th birthday, Mrs. Adams was gracious, engaging and quick to laughter.
She was delighted to speak about her new tablet, which one of her grandchildren brought for her recently. The hand-held computer device offers her a $$$$$ to two of her favorite pastimes.
“It’s much lighter than the old one so I’m going to be using it to read stuff and search for pictures of my favorite plant, African violets,” says the supercentenarian, who is listed among the ten oldest Canadians.
Yes, she says, she really enjoys reading and her eyesight is still good, as long as she has her glasses. (She remembers being fitted with her first pair when was about 11 years old).
Also, she is happy to say that she’s enjoying the African violet plant that is in her room.
Mrs. Adams was born in St. Michael, Barbados, on October 15, 1913, and came to Canada in 1949 to join her husband, Mr. Fred Adams, who served with the Canadian military during WWII.
They raised their sons, Dr. Robert Adams and Neil Adams in the Rosemont district.
A life-long member of the Salvation Army, (“ I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in the Salvation Army”), she still remembers with joy, being the pianist at the church.
Today, she continues to enjoy listening to music, classical music, as well as Amazing Grace and other hymns.
She is the grandmother of Daniel, Jonathan and Aaron.
On behalf of the community, The CONTACT extends Best Wishes to Mrs. Una Adams.