22 Questions

22 Questions

What mistakes have I made this year?

It’s time to reflect on this past year; here is a list of twenty-two questions to ask yourself as we enter 2022.

1) How has the pandemic affected my mental health?
2) What lessons have I learned this past year?
3) How did I handle stressful situations?
4) What am I grateful for?
5) What are my strengths?
6) What are my weaknesses?
7) What bad habits do I need to break?
8) Am I asking for specific help when I need it?
9) What specific change could make my life better?
10) What or who do I take for granted?
11) Am I taking care of my health?
12) What mistakes have I made this year?
13) What were some of my successes in 2021?
14) When was the last time I said, “I love you” to someone? (e.g. family, friend, children, spouse etc.)
15) Am I intentional about paying off my debt?
16) Am I saving money for the future?
17) What areas in my life did I neglect in the last 12 months?
18) What makes me happy?
19) Am I tending to my spiritual life/growth?
20) What changes can I make to be healthier in the next 12 months?
21) What fears or barriers are holding me back?
22) What was my most common mental state this year (e.g. sad, angry, centered, excited, happy, depressed, numb, content or stressed?)

Take your time and read through some of these questions and take a minute to think about your life and how these questions relate to you.
Some of these questions may be difficult to answer but the reality is that your answers are your truth.
Once you have the truth in front of you then you can decide to make different choices in the New Year! If you desire change, you have to look at your reality.
Be patient and be kind to yourself and take some time to invest in you in the New Year.
Take a few minutes daily to appreciate the small wins and give yourself grace when you mess up. Change comes one decision and one step at a time.
Continue to press forward to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Happy, blessed and healthy New Year 2022!

Bevy J