The days of Herod the King are upon us

Wisdom is supreme! Let’s affirm that 2021will be a year of wisdom.

We need wisdom. Let us be like the wise men on Earth today. The wise men were sent by God to play a role in preserving the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; our redeemer, our savior and coming King of Kings.
The wise men were intercepted by King Herod, an earthly king, who was only preoccupied with wealth and riches. They were deceived by his language. He told them to go and find the baby and bring him back information about this new king.
Herod, however, thought he was King of the universe. Because of his own insecurities, Herod, caused a lot of trouble for the people in Jerusalem at that time. He gathered the top officials, all the prime ministers, the chief priests, scribes, and consultants Etc.
Herod was anxious, depressed and worrisome about what the wise men told him. He reflected over what they told him saying that “he was born to be king of the Jews; we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship Him”.
Herod was angry that someone was born to take away his kingship, his throne, and his worship. He was willing to go to any lengths to make sure that such a thing would not happen to his leadership in his lifetime. He was even willing to go as far as killing all baby boys of that era; with hopes to wipe out his problem – a personal dilemma.
Fast forward to 2020, the Herods of this generation are power hungry. They are after the world. They think that their money can bring them everything. They have no fear of God nor of men. They are self-made men. Their greatest friends are: me, my, and mine.
Please note that the Herods and the Pharaohs are like identical twins in the sense that only God can win against them on this Earth. Herod sent the wise men to go and search diligently for Jesus and come back to bring him word. They continued their journey with the intent to fulfil Herod’s request; until they found the star, a light in a manger pointing at the baby wrapped in dirty clothes. Jesus, though king at birth, was not clothed in royal robes; instead he was wrapped in swaddling cloth to demonstrate to mankind that he was born to reach and relate to the lowest of the lowest and the poorest of the poorest. He came to rescue mankind from the hands of men’s rule and control. He came to set the captives free and give sight to the blind.
The wisemen came offering gifts for the baby Jesus; but Jesus was the greatest gift of all. for God so loved the world that he gave his only son – Jesus.
The wise men were being warned in a dream not to return to Herod. Whether a great ruler, head of state or influential billionaire; only God knows man’s evil agenda towards his fellow brother and sister. Please, dear readers, enlist yourselves in the wiseman club. Wisdom is supreme!
Declare the wisdom of God for this Christmas and New Year. Tell yourself this is the wisest Christmas for me and my family.
House of Prayer For All Nations Wants to wish the Community Contact family and all its staff as well as to all our readers and the community, a Wise and Wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy, Happy New Year. Let’s affirm that 2021will be a year of wisdom.

Pastor Julianna Daniel