The Consequences Of The Ever-Growing US & Canada Wage Gap

Roderyk Boykin

There’s a growing divide between Canadian and American wages. This poses a threat to the stability of the Canadian economy with the movement of top talent fleeing down south to chase higher wages.
We the see tThe increasing growth of the gap becomes evident when taking a comparative look at the two countries’ GDP per capita (adjusted for purchasing power) from 2013 to 2022. In that time, theThat difference has doubled from $9k ($44.3k vs $53.5k) to now $18k ($58.3k vs $76.3k), according to data from The World Bank.
With the contrasting in wage growth between the two nations, it should come as no surprise that it has a significant impacts on immigration flow. Compared to other immigrants enteringto the US, Canadians are 300% more likely to have moved to the US for employment opportunities,reasons per the Migration Policy Institute. Those same migrants are likely to behave been high-skilled labourers with as their an average household income was $15k higher than other immigrant households, and $13k more than native US households.
If the annual Canadians’ earnings of Canadians continue to lag behind those of within the US, we will continue to see more and more professionals head for the borderleave, resulting in and in turn, we will see more and more additional problems and shortages in this country. Unfortunately, the impacts have already begun with Nthe nightmare situations like those that occurred in the Montreal South Shore emergency room due to a shortage of staff. Until considerable changes take place, instances like this, will sadly become more and more common.

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