Entrepreneur and philanthropist driven by a desire to help others be their best selves

A heart of compassion, business smarts, a kind demeanour and sheer brilliance are some of the qualities one will find when interacting with 10-year-old Kyra Milan Brown.
The tween has had a desire to help and uplift others since she was younger. The genesis was a Youtube show.

“When we lived in Vancouver, we were watching a YouTube show and we saw this girl making bags with supplies for homeless people. And she (Kyra) asked me if we could also make these bags and I helped her make the care bags,” her mother Shenika explains
It wasn’t just a good idea, but it became her passion project. Even when they moved to Montreal, Kyra remained adamant about helping those less fortunate in the community.
She partnered up with the Crown Project, a charitable organization that works towards bettering lives, together they made care bags for the homeless in Montreal and Kyra personally gave out 100 care bags filled with warm outerwear, toiletries and other care products at Atwater Metro. This August she again teamed up with the Crown Project to give out 30 backpacks filled with back-to-school supplies for underprivileged students.
Her brilliance continues even into entrepreneurship in 2020, she set up a business with her 6-year-old sister called Koily Kurls. Where she gives hair care tips and additionally she wrote an interactive hair book (where you scan each page to get step-by-step hair tutorials. She wanted to create a book that young kids can see themselves and know their natural hair is beautiful.
Kyra says all the things she does is because she wants to be help others be their best selves.
Her mother reckons that she has a heart to help and as parents they do their best to encourage and support her in her endeavors but additionally be good role models and examples. Her Instagram kyra_milan has attracted over 100,000 followers.
Going through her profile, her personality jumps off the screen. She sings and shares fun moments about her day as well as sharing about the natural hair products she has for sale.

Her star continues to rise and for sure, the world hasn’t seen the last of Kyra Milan.

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