Quebec will issue fines for not wearing masks

COVID -19 numbers on the way back up across Canada

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As the number of positive cases of COVID-19 continues increase almost by the day in the province, the Quebec government decreed that people not wearing masks in the public, where it’s mandatory to do so will face fines.
At a recent daily briefing, Premier Francois Legault said that the vast majority of Quebec are following the government’s directives and wearing masks, but a small minority is putting in the danger the lives of others by refusing to comply with the law.
According to the Premier, these people not only are threatening the lives of Quebecers, especially seniors, but also the health network.
“They must be penalized,” he said.
He says the amount of the fines is still to be determined but they will go into effect from Saturday, September 12.
Legault says he is particularly concerned about those regions in the province that are under the “yellow alert” according to Quebec’s new four-level system: green for vigilance, yellow for an early warning, orange for moderate alert and red for maximum alert.
Four regions outside of Montreal have recently seen an increase in COVID-19 cases recently and are now deemed “yellow zones.”
Since July, face coverings have been mandatory on public transit and at all indoor public spaces across the Quebec.
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus Quebec has seen a total of 64,244 along with 5773 deaths.
COVID-19 Snapshot
Canada has had so far 135,000 cases with 9,158 deaths. Ontario has 43, 685 cases with 2813 deaths. Alberta has 15,191 cases and British Columbia has 6,699 positive cases.
In the Canadian north, the three provinces and territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut there are only 20 combined cases.
Worldwide there’re 27 million people who have contracted the virus and more than 905,000 who have died.
The United States leads the world with 6.4 million cases and 191,000 deaths, followed by India with 4.5 million and 75,000 deaths and Brazil with 4.2 million cases and 129,000 fatalities.