Playing The Games Of Life

Bob White new

The barbershop was crowded and everybody was still talking about Miller Time.
What a guy! Marc Miller to his word showed up at the premiere basketball tournament Montreal has ever seen. Montreal Classic Hoops Basketball Tournament, involving 35 teams.
Games were held at Concordia University, the YMCA and Dawson College. And Marc Miller took time off from his busy schedule to present trophies, medals and brand new basketballs to the winning teams. The Ways and Means Committee say “thank you Marc Miller.”
Nirra Fields, out of UCLA, was drafted by the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. The young Montrealer was the first woman out of Quebec to be drafted by a pro basketball team. She flew in for the day from LA, gave a motivational speech to everyone involved in the tournament, and flew back to the West Coast.
Money put up his hand, “What is the big deal about St. Hubert BBQ selling to that Ontario Company? People from Quebec have short memories. When the Montreal Canadiens was up for sale nobody from Quebec wanted to buy the team. An American man named Gillette stepped up and bought the team. He asked BELL if they wanted to put their logo on the front of the building, BELL said yes, and then sold to MOLSON. What’s the big deal?”
I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Prince at 57-years-young. Now that he’s gone, the White media is saying what a genius and icon he was. If you check Rolling Stone magazine for the ten greatest guitarists ever I don’t know how Prince is not No 1. He’s the only act that I know who five days a head can announce that he’s coming to a venue and sell out.
Maybe Celine Dion can do that in Quebec, but not in Cleveland, New York, Chicago, L A. Only Prince could.
Let me tell you something else, if you have the last issue of Community CONTACT there was a very interesting story about the Jamaican Association and Noel Alexander who’s supposed to retire… or be retired. He laid the foundation for the “group” up there; he did a good job, now it’s time for him to retire. About the people that took over up there? Their first priority should be to see about getting their own building.
Mark Henry and George Grant, the Consul General and Real Estate expert, and expert in Bagels, Brossard… and businessman who happens to be Black? Once they get the building they could open a daycare. This would bring in about $50,000 a year—net. And bring in four Syrian families, why? Because the government will take care of them, by paying the rent, then they could get someone like Rosie Segee to run the place.
Everything that the NCC and other organizations should have done could be done in ‘that’ building. And if they want, they could call the Ways and Means Committee for some help and guidance.
Dropout put up his hand and said, “People do some strange things. If you read a couple back issues of the CONTACT former City Councilor Sonia Biddle was complaining that the store security was watching her. Someone should tell her that people come to the barbershop and complain that people are watching them when they walk into a store. What do they think they’re going to do, steal a couch, put a TV or mattress under their coat…?
Someone should tell Sonia that we know some people who never watched a football game, why? Because they think the people are watching them. And every time the team goes into a huddle they think the players are talking about them. That’s why they have problems. It’s called paranoia.
Remember friend of the Ways and Means Committee, music producer and the king of Disco back in the day, Gino Soccio, and very close friend of Earl Devine. Many years ago a St. Catharine’s, Ontario, girl named Vanity came to Montreal to produce her record with Gino Soccio. He did the music and Gino introduced her to Prince. The rest is history.
A friend of the Ways and Means Committee, Billy Paul, passed away on Monday at 81. Remember Me and Mrs. Jones? Billy Paul took time to explain to everyone in the barbershop how the music industry works. He said that he was a pop singer, and the white radio stations played his song; but when he went to the record store he saw his record in the R&B section. He told them he’s not a R&B singer.
The reason why they did that is to prevent him from making the kind of money pop singers make…” That’s what he told the WMC. That’s how they do it to Black artists. A LP record came out many years ago, and there were two White faces on the jacket. It was by the Isley Brothers.
What’s the big deal about the fruit/food recall by COSCO? That’s why Asians don’t eat frozen foods; you can’t smell it (to see if it’s bad, or good).
It’s unfortunate what happened to that man in the Philippines who was decapitated. You want to solve the problem? Just show them the movie the Dirty Dozen, or Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks.
All you people who are Googling and texting, Google Lionel Groulx and see who and what he was all about.
Harriet Tubman was great. However, Prof. Renaldo Walcott from University of Toronto, said putting Tubman on the US $20 bill is pure symbolism; nonwhites are still not treated as equals in America.
Benjamin Franklin, former president of a former slave, fathered 5 or six children with a former slave, Sally Hemmings. With all its faults (in terms of its Black people) America is still the greatest place in the world for Blacks to make some money.
Look at what the USA produced: Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Muhammad Ali, Paul Robeson, Jackie Robinson, Prince (Oh by the way, he’s worth over $300,000,000 according to his will and now that he’s dead he’s going to be worth more than Michael Jackson…), Whitney Houston, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Jesse Owens, Harriet Tubman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson… just to name a few. America is a good place for Black people with talent and skills…
So the Montreal Classic Hoops Basketball Tournament hosted teams from across Montreal, Nova Scotia, Ontario, NY State. Coach Trevor Williams and Wayne Yearwood and Albert Batten, President of the Union at the Port of Montreal said this looks like the premiere tournament in the East. And it couldn’t have been done without the volunteers; they were priceless. You can’t have a successful tournament or any kind of event without [good] volunteers.
So where is Rosie Segee, and what is the real story?
Just Chillin’ said, “Don’t forget to see that new, and latest film, Barbershop. It looks like a good one.
And remember, all you parents of teenagers out there, “One mistake can cause you a lifetime of pain.”