Nate Husser Making Art and Making Bank

Nate Husser Making Art and Making Bank

All eyes are on Nate Husser, a young hip-hop artist from little Burgundy who has found a way to not just express himself through his art but make profit from the craft. He spoke at the MONETIZED panel at the HIVE put on by the Multicultural and Diversity Project earlier in the spring. The panel focused on transforming art and culture into legitimate currency. And from his own growth and journey he has managed to do just that.

A self-described student of BET, Husser’s sound is a reflection of his diverse influences. This infectious blend, coupled with his charisma, has caught the attention of tastemakers worldwide. “I knew I wanted to do this since I was about sixteen,” he explains to the CONTACT “I liked what I saw on BET and wanted to try and see what I can create.”

From The Source to XXL and Complex, international publications have taken notice of the artist Nate Husser. are taking notice. Collaborations with established artists like Charlotte Cardin and Black Tiger Sex Machine further solidify his place as a rising force.

But through the journey he was taking notes. He knew he didn’t just want fame but also to be able to live off his success. Which sometimes isn’t always the case with artists due to bad advice, bad record deals, mismanagement and sometimes a combination of all the factors.

“I had a record deal but it wasn’t 360, meaning I still owned a lot of my intellectual property,” he says as he explain the acumen that he’s used to keep himself in the game. His music has caught the attention of tastemakers like The Source and XXL, and his collaborations with the likes of Charlotte Cardin and Black Tiger Sex Machine showcase his versatility. He has won awards such as Best Web Series: Drama at the LA Film Awards for his lead role in “Amours d’occasion.

“If you’re hungry and you really want it, you’re going to go get it and make it happen. And that’s pretty much. It’s pretty much as simple as it is,” he explains his hunger as his fueling force.

He promises that he has some special business projects coming up later in the summer and encourages artists to find ways to monetize their crafts. “Having merch helps boosts your sales and earns you more money,”

He acknowledges that Quebec has some limitations for anglophone artists in terms of opportunities due to language barriers. “I don’t focus on the politics I focus on being the best in my work.”

Husser looks forward to growing his brand and teaching more artists how to monetize and make a living from the arts. He definitely shows that it is possible.