Mother’s Day Events

At Schofield Hall on May 8, 2016
Celebration of cultures for mothers

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Montreal mothers are due for a treat on Sunday, May 8 as organizers of the Celebration of Cultures prepare a signature event to mark Mother’s Day 2016.
The event, which will be held at Schofield Hall in the town of Mount-Royal will feature a meticulous mixture of food and entertainment and brings to the stage highly acclaimed Jamaican comedian Blakka Ellis together with two of Montreal’s most exciting dance troupes, West Can Dance Co. and The Phillipino Folkloric Dance Company.
Blakka comes to Montreal as one of Jamaica’s most celebrated artists winning multiple awards as both a writer and actor.
He also wrote performance material for big names such as, Oliver Samuels and Ity and Fancy Cat. He has thrilled audiences across North America, from New YorkM Day 2 to Washington to Florida with his brand of witty comedy.
The Filipino dancers, whose performances are flavored by their appealing costumes and intrinsic moves, are also expected to bring a lot of excitement to the afternoon. Formed in 2005, the group has traveled extensively across Canada and beyond serving as cultural ambassadors to their home country.
And as usual, the West Can dancers will spice up the event with their flair and spectacular motions.
St. Paul’s Anglican Choir and Gospel singer Zena Edwards will bring an added touch of serenity to the event.
And it all comes together with delightful meals as can only be prepared by Best Bite Caterers who are joining forces with Hilltoppers Sports and Cultural Club to present Montrealers with this Mother’s Day Celebration of Cultures. Doors open at 2:00 PM. For more information call (514) 943 4034 or (514) 421 7865.

Honoring Ms. Shernet “Timmy” Emanuel

For Mother’s Day on May 8, Judy LaMotte of Judy’s Ushering and Coordinating Services for an incredible Mother’s Day event will be held at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel, 6600 Cote des Liesse Road, Montreal, has teamed up with Gemma Raeburn-Baynes
This event was created exclusively to honor mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends and family with an exquisite mélange of culinary delights and top flight local entertainment.
It also offers the community an opportunity to present a “Mother of the Year” Awa

M Day

rd to Ms. Shernet “Timmy” Emanuel, a vibrant community worker and chef who give of her heart and herself.
The day’s entertainment will range from Gospel to fashion to comedy to dancing, and will include a line-up of sensational performers such as Gospel singers Priscilla Findlay and Elasah and Ariel, and The Fitz-Patrick Sisters.
The Montreal Ebony Models Fashion Show by Boutique Rhinna, Fancy Fit Boutique and Asha Collection will deliver fashion and style.
Actor and comedian Andrew Searles, whose comedic approach about his ethnic upbringing, life and dating experiences, to his observations on topical issues, will have the audience roaring with laughter from the time he walks on stage until he leaves. Jab Jab Orchestra and 14-year-old DJ ABNA will compliment the day’s action with music for your listening and dancing pleasure
The evening of fine dining will include cocktails, a four-course meal with wine, a scrumptious sweet table, and a gelato ice cream station with all the trimmings.
Organizers Judy’s Ushering specializes in planning “high end” events and Playmas Montreal Cultural Association serves  the community through its “Triumph Through Adversity” Scholarship Program, which offers culinary scholarships to disenfranchised youth in Montreal.
The event runs 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Info.: (514) 249-6432 or (514) 620-6612.

A celebration of Womanhood

As part of their annual celebration of mothers, Black Moses Productions have packaged an exciting   line up of  performers to take to the stage   at the Caribbean Paradise Lounge on Sunday May 8 at 5 P M
Grenada’s Lady Samo will be the headliner. She will be joined by a cast   of local favorites including Caribbean Voices,  Lady B, Sweetz, Comedian TJ Max,  Singing Designer,  Chutney dancer  Candy Rajoon  and ACDC Drummers. . Info. 438 937