MCGILL SHINES LIGHT on the med-school application process

Applying to medical school: A webinar for
Black students on the pre-med journey

Gemma Raeburn-Baynes

University students as well as parents, teachers, professors, and members of the community who are interested learning more about the application process to secure a place in one of Canada’s leading medical schools are invited to a free online information session on October 7,
The free webinar: Applying to medical school: a webinar for Black students on the pre-med journey is an initiative of McGill University’s Social Accountability and Community Engagement (SACE) Office, the Admission Office, and the Supporting Young Black Students Initiative (SYBS) and will run from 7pm to 8pm.
It will offer tips and resources on understanding the admission process on how to prepare for every step of what is an extensive and sometimes arduous undertaking
This initiative on the part of the university follows call made by Ms. Yvonne Sam, in her keynote address at the 10th Anniversary of “A Taste of Tea”, a Caribbean Tea Party, honoring seven Black female Doctors in Montreal, which was hosted by Playmas Montreal Cultural Association of Quebec.
At the event on March 8, which happened to be the last event held in the community before the big shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Sam a registered nurse practitioner and secondary school teacher shed light on the lack of Black students entering the med school at McGill University.
She shared stats that showed that there was an abysmally low number of Black students admitted to McGill University’s medical school for the period 2010-2019.
And went on to say that wealth and health are synonymous, thus Black Doctors Matter. Ms. Sam also used the opportunity to call on the honorees/ awardees to stand as shining examples for potential Black medical school aspirants and to parents, grandparents as well as educators to encourage the children to consider pursuing a path that would let them see that they all could be doctors.
The Office of Social Accountability and Community Engagement(SACE) at McGill University responded to these provocative revelations, stating: “0.7 per cent black entrants in 2019 (in medicine) is quite frankly devastating. If we are going to remedy historic underrepresentation, we need proactive measures focused on building “critical mass” within our institutions.”
While the October 7, webinar is geared towards university students another session for CEGEP students will be held in the coming months.
To register or for more information on he free webinar: Applying to medical school: a webinar for Black students on the pre-med journey, contact ( Faculty of Medicine | McGill University, Tel: 514-398-1471.