Maria needs a two-parent home

A mixed-bank home (fostering with a view to adoption) is being sought for a three months old baby girl, who is warm and cuddly with a good disposition. Maria is in good health and developing age-appropriately; she recognizes the voice of her foster mother and tends to focus on her face in a loving manner, when she is feeding her. Maria has a good daily routine: she eats well and sleeps a lot, waking up at least twice during the night to be fed. Maria’s needs are those of a child of her age and is described as a baby who is easy to care for.
Maria’s mother is unable to provide her with the care and attention she needs. Thus, she is in need of a two-parent family who can give her the care and attention deserving of a child of her age. The ideal family would be [that of] a two-parent Black family who can make the commitment to her for as long as she needs.
For more information about Maria, please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, local 1139.