Pastor Julianna new
“To have skills is not a function of the papers you carry but rather, it’s a function of the talents you employ and the strategies you engage in when handling your assignments. ”

Many of us have discovered our purpose in life but what we don’t know is that no purpose has a future without skill. Skill is one of the most neglected teachings today, whether you’re a Christian or not, it’s very important.
We are living in times when people boast about their educational background to gain advancement in life. Did  you know that your certificates and degrees have no value in the market today if you don’t have any skills?
“To have skills is not a function of the papers you carry but rather, it’s a function of the talents you employ and the strategies you engage in when handling your assignments. ”
Your education is not marketable. It is your skillset that we market. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science does not give you a job. It’s your experience working on the systems that cause you to get the job and allow you to keep it.

To every trade there is a required skill. The quality of your skill is what determines the quality of your output.
Man or woman, black or white, educated or uneducated; excellence is the greatest in each case because it fights for you. The excellence that you demonstrate will fight against racism,  sexism; and even when you are illiterate, excellence can fight for you. All you have to do is manifest your work with excellence and quality. Then you will notice people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds will be there to buy your product; to talk about the quality of your product and even to run after you due to the excellence of your skill.
Don’t let anyone discourage you from training to be skilled in everything you do. People that excel in their skills always stay in command.
Please note that a title does not mean entitlement. Many have big titles but no skills. However, the reality is that people can learn from you because of your skill and not merely due to your position.
I always follow a biblical illustration to help me maximize my potential; because some people in this world like to evaluate your educational background, insult your age, your color, your sex or even your size to bring you down; but when you are skillful in what you do, it is difficult for those adversaries to overcome you.
The supporting story that I want to share with you is the story of David, a little rejected shepherd boy who eventually became a king in a palace. He started on the battlefield fighting with a slingshot and a couple of stones. He was not a lazy shepherd. He worked on his skills to defend his sheep to the very best of his ability. He was skillful and brave enough to smite a bear. He was faithful and determined to move ahead in life despite the opposition from family and friends.  He learned music and wrote songs and poems and  became one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known.
Unfortunately today, lack of skills have pushed so many backward and many are constantly blaming others for their failures. Even the Christians are blaming the devil.
Today,  you should know the importance of having skills and that a person that is not skilled in what he or she is doing cannot expect to enjoy promotion, training and personal development.
No matter how hard he or she prays or how long they fast for it is the excelling of their gift and skills  that will make room for them.
Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or don’t believe it, some jobs require lots of skills; and the time is coming when your employer will no longer be threatened by the size of your certificates or the depth of your degrees but the influence that will hold them will be based on your skills.
Skills have to be consciously acquired either formally or informally. Be encouraged today and know that time spent in acquiring skill is not time wasted but it is time profitably invested.  To the end it will be worth it all.