12-18-2014 DSHelp for English-speaking seniors in dealing with isolation

The famous three-letter acronym takes on a whole new meaning.
Getting to Programs and Services for Seniors is a new project funded in part by the government of Canada’s New Horizons for seniors program.
I think this is a great initiative and until now wasn’t aware that there is an issue of isolation among our elders.
Four community organizations will be participating to offer these services to our English-speaking seniors.
The African Canadian Development and Prevention Network will be the go-to group for the Black English-speaking Montrealers.
I recently spoke with A.C.D.P.N executive director Tania Callendar to get more info on this project.

CC: What made you realize that isolated seniors were an issue?
TC: One of our mandates at the African Canadian Development and Prevention Network is to ensure and increase access to health and social services for the English speaking Black community. Through our work, we have realized that for various reasons our community is not comfortable availing themselves of the support services and programs that are available.
When you take this finding and combine it with the fact that the population as a whole is aging as well as the societal changes that have compromised our family support structures, we felt it was very likely that some of our seniors may be at risk and we wanted to participate in this project.

CC: What are eligibility criteria for your program?
TC For the purpose of this program, we are focused on seniors from the Black community who are 65 years and older and for whom English is their first official language.

CC: When will this service become available and will it be free?
TC: We are hoping to launch the project at the beginning of 2017 and there will be no cost to the participants.

CC: How do individuals volunteer and what kind of support do you need?
TC: The volunteers will be instrumental in identifying, locating and reaching out to vulnerable seniors in the community that need our support. The community can get more information, register to volunteer and refer a senior that may need our help by contacting us directly at ACDPN by phone at 514-737-3213 or by email at info@acdpn.org

Peaceful journey Bob White
I had the good fortune of meeting the late Bob White through my relationship with Community Contact.
His column and writing style was creative and very effective in expressing his views. My deepest sympathies to his family and many friends. He will be missed.