Friends will take you there

It’s all about business

Professor wasBob White new talking to Money about real estate and business.
He said, “I want to talk about this article in the New York Post, October 5, 2014. Always think about that building, the Black Studies Centre, at least that place that used to be called the BSC. As you know, the BSC was in downtown Montreal. A central Park West Woman has transformed her ritzy duplex into a way station for tourists and transients; her landlord wants to evict her.
Since February 2012, Norelle Penrrat has put three of the four bedrooms in her $4,477 a month pad at 315 Central Park West, near West 91st Street, up for grabs on Website AIR BNB. By Manhattan hotel rates standards the rooms are a steal.
The advertisement read, “lovely small bedroom in huge apartment with high ceilings in beautiful pre-war apartment for $75 a night or $450 a week.”
Check in time was 2 p.m. and guests forked over a $200 security deposit. Another room, described as a “sunny bedroom, Central Park view,” fetches $100 a night or $600 a week.
The deluxe “gorgeous master bed/bath on Park Av. is the priciest of the bunch, garnering $150 a night or $1,000 a week. The average price of a Big Apple (New York) hotel room last year was about $300 a night.
Noelle Penraat 62, rakes in $8,883 a month, charges landlord Brook Ford LLC in court papers.
Now the reason why I had to tell you this story is because if the longest-standing president of the Black Studies Centre could have reached out to people who could help the BSC…
It all goes back to Community Contact, June 12, 2014, How do we navigate and raise our game?
No, we are not in Manhattan; we are in a city called Montreal. If the longest-serving president of the Black Studies Centre was thinking, like Spike Lee’s movie, titled Do The Right Thing. If he was thinking… “I don’t think the community gives a SHHT”, (Community Contact September 19, 2013), the building would have NEVER been up for sale.
There was an “Amen” in the barbershop.
Money put up his hand and said, “Listen to me very carefully. A small church in Montreal can bring you in $400 a week, all cash – now a decent-sized church, can bring you in $6000 a week, or more.
To do this, the decent-size church would need a minister like Rev. Darryl Gray, or else it will not work. They say you’re never supposed to say, never; well they are wrong. It’s not working now, there is a formula.
Schoolboy put up his hand and said, “I’ll be graduating soon from University. I learned a lot, but I also learned a lot from the school of  ‘what’s happening now,’ the Ways and Means Committee at the Barbershop.
University doesn’t teach me what a poverty pimp is. A jive turkey, or a utility turkey – Crystal said, “O.K, tell us what a poverty pimp is.”
Schoolboy said, “A poverty pimp is any group, or person, that’s not qualified to make a living in the private sector, applies for government grants to make it appear that they are helping someone, some people, but in reality are putting themselves on a payroll to pay their bills. It’s all smoke and mirrors.”
Crystal said, “O.K, make it crystal clear, what is a Jive turkey?”
Schoolboy said, “A Jive turkey is a person that talks, and talks… all form and no content, a smooth talker…”
Crystal asked, “What is a utility turkey?”
Schoolboy said, “A utility turkey is… first let’s understand the work utility, this means service, usefulness. Now somewhere, somehow, after a turkey is born, in the process of growing up the turkey gets injured, breaks a leg, a wing, get’s injured. The turkey is still good to eat. Again, the turkey got hurt, injured, so they sell it, and call it a utility turkey.
Professor asked Schoolboy, “Does the university that you go to explain to the students that racism is here to stay, and why?”
Schoolboy said, “No, should it?”
Professor said, “Of course it should; it’s reality, there would be less problems if they explained to the students why and who created all of the problems.”
Dropout said, “You’re right, nobody tells us why, when we should start with why. A perfect example would be why a Black Studies Centre? Why a Community Centre? Why a church, with the proper board, and the proper minister?”
There was an “Amen” in the barbershop.
Rufus the barber asked Oh My God to turn off the TV and said, “I want everyone to listen to me very closely. He started reading from the Gazette, October 10, 2014. Michael Penner has become chairman of Hydro Quebec. He looked up and said, “Who is Michael Penner?
Rufus said, “Michael Penner is the son of Harvey Penner, a very close friend of Bobby White. The second year of the Trevor Williams Basketball Academy, the Westend Sports Association used to purchase T Shirts from Harvey Penner, who said later, “Deal with my son, Michael. So for years, Michael Penner used to sell T shirts to the Trevor Williams Basketball Camp. Later on, Michael Penner branched out to make socks. He was on the way to being the largest sock maker in North America.
All those years, Bobby White and Trevor Williams always stayed in touch with Michael Penner. Now he’s the chairman of Hydro Quebec.
Not too much was written in the French newspapers; I don’t know why. Michael Penner is an Anglo, and Jewish, and a businessman, and a very good friend to the Ways and Means Committee. So are Bill Cosby, Jim Brown, Henry Aaron and Johnny Rodgers.
There was an Amen in the barbershop.
Rufus The Barber was telling anyone that would listen that with the support of  such good friends, Bob White started a food bank.
“He’s the only one that I know of that has a food bank and has been giving turkeys and Christmas baskets to”
“Many years ago the West End Sports Association had a strong financial supporter, Harold Greenberg. He owned Astral stores that sold cameras. Bobby White became very close with the family and introduced the family to Trevor Williams Basketball Academy.
Later, Harold Greenberg changed the name to Astral Media and started buying small radio stations billboards and huge signs. He also bought TV stations and continued to grow the company business, but a few years ago he passed away.
The company later sold to Bell  for 2.2 billion dollars.
Uncle Tom sat very quietly in the barber chair staring at the floor, and every once in a while glancing at Money and Welfare Wesley.
Uncle Tom got off the barber chair; he paid Rufus the barber, thanked him, turned around and said, “I would like to talk to everyone in here. Everybody looked up. He said, “I’ve been coming to this barber shop for years. I listened to everyone; I smiled at everyone, I want everyone to listen to me very carefully.
I’m an engineer. Nobody gave me anything. I worked very hard for everything that own after high school, I went to CEGEP, after CEGEP I went to University where I graduated. I worked at night in a warehouse to help pay for my education.
I didn’t like the public school system, so I sent my kids to a private school. I got contracts all over the world, because, like I said, I’m an engineer. I know what an Uncle Tom is.
I’m a professional. I’m Black as you can see, I know and understand the “system.” I make very good money in this racist system. I know this racist system will NEVER change.
I read the book Black robes White Justice. I read that book by Mack B. Morant. I know how Blacks think, and about Rugged Individualism, which I learned a long time ago when I was working and studying to help pay my education.
. I could’ve even been a “poverty pimp” like you guys like to call them, but I have a good education, and I know how to make a living. I’m not a parasite.
I will be getting in touch with some friends of mine to get them to make donations to your Christmas baskets and turkey drive – there are a lot of families living from pay cheque to pay cheque.
Before the engineer walked out of the barbershop, Rufus the barber gave him a card; the engineer looked at it and said, “I know, send your cheque for the annual Christmas Basket and Turkey Fund to W.E.S.A P.O. Box 696 Station H Montreal, Quebec Canada H3G 2M6. Thank you.
There was an Amen in the barbershop