De-cluttering Your Life

Clutter doesn’t just affect what’s going on around you; it also affects what’s going on inside of you.
We surround ourselves with so much stuff and noise, and the constant clutter and clatter steal our joy, robs us of our energy and peace and can leave us feeling stressed out and empty.
Think about it…
Do you need to externally detox?
Do you need to internally detox?
Is it time to get rid of your excess baggage? Is it time to evaluate what you need to release mentally, emotionally and physically?
Don’t ignore the clutter that’s surrounding you, or the clutter that’s inside of you. It’s time to de-clutter and let go of some of the things that you have been holding on to, inside and out.
Remember… Mess causes stress.
It’s time to figure out how the clutter is affecting you and decide to make the necessary changes.
The task of de-cluttering your mind might seem daunting, but making a conscious decision to edit some of the things in your life is necessary to continue to grow and move forward.
Writing down or talking about your thoughts and feelings is helpful to identifying your truth. A vital part of releasing those things that are holding you back is forgiveness and making a decision to release the past. Remember, I’ve said it before: forgiveness is for your healing.
It’s important to have a plan and prioritize things that need to be done and begin the process of deciding what you need to let go of.
For your mental/emotional clutter, be mindful of your input. For example, if you’re watching or listening to constant negativity in the media or from your circle of peers, your thoughts will be cluttered with all of that negativity, so you might need to make some changes.
We are constantly bombarded with ads showing us all of the material things that we need to make us happy, but we need to remember that true happiness comes from within.
Don’t take it all for granted. As you begin to release your excess baggage, focus on the things that really matter, on the people and relationships that are important to you. Focus on improving yourself.
Physical and emotional clutter keeps you stuck; clutter keeps you from growing and evolving. It keeps you from focusing and relaxing. Clutter steals your inner peace.
I understand that it can be hard to get rid of your baggage whether it’s emotional or just excess stuff.
So, take it one step at a time and ask for help if you need it. Take it slow and keep it simple.
Keep it real and let all of that clutter and excessive baggage go.
God will give you the strength that you need.
For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. [Isaiah 41:13]
I love the quote by Jackie Koller: There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
It’s time to begin to de-clutter.
It’s not always easy to let things go, but the freedom that comes with releasing your excess baggage, whatever it might be, is well worth the discomfort of change.
Blessings, Bev