Carifiesta Bands 2016

Carifiesta Bands 2016

Jab Army
‘All you gotta do is play a wicked JAB’

Jab JabAccording to The #JabArmy Battalion, the best way to enjoy the Montreal Carifiesta experience is to come play a wicked Jab.
The band, now in its second year, is well primed and ready to ‘oil-up’ and “muddy” the town.
Again, they are expecting backup from Toronto Jab Jab battalion, but they are calling on Montreal to get in the ranks early.
Montrealers can benefit from their weekend carnival packages, which include the Half Jab package that allows them to enjoy a Hotel room, have entrance to the group’s weekend events,
and play mas on the road for a measly $240. Their Small Jab package is $95 for events only.
And the Lone Soldier on the road for only $50. Register now on Jab Army. Come or call 514-830-9519, 514-377-3473.

FrienZ playing Sailors

The deck is clear and the sailors are ready to come ashore on July 2 for Carifiesta 2016.
The band is call FrienZ and they will unleash dozens, if not hundreds of sailors on the street of downtown Montreal fueled by the sweet sounds of pan.  Carnival favorites, Trinidad Playboys Steelband will be on the road with them.
After two launch parties, the most recent at the Caribbean Paradise on Friday, June 3, the costumes are going fast. So contact Helen, Jamal and David at  (514) 234 8549,, visit the website, where you can browse and order your costumes.

A Carnival Mas Band with a street party experience like no other…

Since they burst on the scene in 2011 CARNIVAL FREAKS MAS BAND has been injecting new energy into the Montreal Carifiesta.
Put together by a team of young promoters, deejays and mas builders under the leadership of Ledon Anthony John, known by all as Anthony G, who comes with 15 years experience in the Urban nightlife and community events scene, their objective has been to bring new participants into the waning festival and broaden the scope of masquerading.
And according to Anthony G, that’s exactly what they did.
“Last year my team and I decided to start something different by choosing an organization or foundation to help build awareness in our community (around a cause), as well as to donate a portion of our profits toward (something meaningful).”
In 2015 they chose Breast Cancer, and with the approval of The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation they were able to form a meaningful partnership.
Because of the fun and success they had last year they’re back Jumping For A Cure with the same foundation this year by popular demand.
“JUMP FOR A CURE IN CANDYLAND” features three wonderful sections: two costume sections the Sour Skittles Section and Cotton Candy Section (the Blue & Pink costume) together with the popular T-shirts section.
(All Packages Include Breast Cancer Ribbon, Drink Cups, Bandannas, Food & drinks on the road.)
Contact us to register: Ledon Anthony: 647-821-4522

Roots say ‘Tings Nice’

As they have done for so many years, Roots Cultural Association will add an extra sparkle to the streets of
Downtown Montreal when they ‘hit the road’ on Carifiesta Day, July 2.
This year, their presentation is aptly themed “Tings are Beautiful” (of course the “h” is unnecessary when a Trini says things on carnival day) and will feature both a Kiddies Band and several adult sections.
Among the sections to be brought alive by the junior masqueraders are Jewel of Love, Soca Fever and Soca Dancer, and adult sections, which include Majestic Dancer, Reflections, and in tribute to Prince, Purple Rain.
Root Mas Camp Is now Open Daily from 2:00 PM To 10:00 PM at the U-Haul Building, 3850 Jean Talon West, Room 138, between Victoria Ave. and Cote Des Neiges Road, opposite the Shell gas station. Buses #92, #124 and #165.
Call (514) 884-0488, (514) 927-0450, (514) 880-7837, (438) 933-8445.