Black History Month Events

Black History Month Events

Rosie Awori (LJI)

BTW Poetry Jam

Poetry lovers can also look forward to Montreal’s Black Theatre Workshop’s BTW Poetry Jam which will be streaming live on Facebook and Youtube on February 12 beginning at 7pm. The event will bring together some of Montréal’s most talented spoken wordsmiths in a showcase where each artist will perform work based on a chosen theme.
Following the presentation, the poets will participate in a virtual live discussion and Q&A with the audience. For more info, visit

Fade to Black Festival

The 10th annual Fade to Black Festival (Festival Fondu au Noir) focuses on the place of Black communities in the arts, entrepreneurship, and the professional world. This year’s free online program presents numerous speakers, panelists and performers – including Lilian Thuram, Boucar Diouf, Rhodnie Désir, Sarahmée, Montréal RnB queen Dawn Tyler Watson, Senaya, Rebecca Jean, and legendary Montréal world music diva Lorraine Klaasen – from February 17 to 21. For more info, visit

Massimadi: Feb 11- March 11

Massimadi will be celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people of African-descendant backgrounds in their annual 14th film festival online starting February 11- March 11. There will be 29 films: 18 shorts, 8 features & 3 medium-length films, Strong and diverse categories such as Renaissance, Links That Unite Us,
Shared Stories, Body Affirmation, Initiation, Rebels. What’s even more exciting is that event is free. For more information visit

Cinéma Public present Spike Lee’s Malcolm X

To mark Black History Month, Cinéma Public will present several feature films highlighting the history and lived experiences of Black people. Starting February 13, cinephiles can watch (or revisit) Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. The acclaimed biopic on the late civil rights leader was released 30 years ago this year. It will be an in person event at Casa d’Italia 505 Rue Jean-Talon E.
Topping off the Black History Month celebrations will be the 5th annual Gala Dynastie, which will be streamed on March 6. With the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, this year’s edition will highlight social involvement and the empowerment of Black communities during these times of profound societal changes.


The West Island Black Community Organization is hosting several events for Black History Month in collaboration with the Pierrefonds Library, the South Shore Youth Organization, the Black Business Atlas, and the city of DDO.

A Black History Trivia hosted by Kim Dominique-Ferguson on Saturday, February 12th, 5pm-7.
On February 15 at 7:30 there will be a virtual event dubbed Fonce! Tu Peux Le Faire! organized by the Pierrefonds Library and presented in French.
The Black Girls Gather book club will be hosting a virtual panel on Reimagining skin care on Sunday 27th February.
The Overture with the Arts will also to be hosting a virtual event on Unapcking the N-Word on Monday, February 21, 7pm. For more information on WIBCA events visit:

Giller Power Panel discusses Black Literature

As part of the Giller Power Panel series a group of l authors will lead discussions on the theme: AfriCanLit – Contours & Conflicts.
The February panel will celebrate Black History Month with discussions focusing on writer’s craft, the relationship between art, community and politics, and some of the interesting debate and discussions happening within contemporary Black life.
The panel will comprise of Donna Bailey Nurse, Antonio Michael Downing, Francesca Ekwuyasi and H. Nigel Thomas with Scott Fraser, publisher and president of Dundurn Press serving as moderator.
It’s a virtual event on February 15, starting at 7:00 PM
Registration link:

Decolonizing Approaches to Research at McGill

McGill University will be having an online panel discussing Decolonizing Approaches to Research on February 17, from 6:00 – 7:30pm. This panel will explore approaches to research in the Caribbean as well as McGill’s historical research relationship with Barbados through the Bellairs institute.
This will be a panel comprised of professors and students who will discuss their decolonial approaches to research and the best ways to meaningfully co-create knowledge beneficial to Black communities. Details can be found on the McGill website.

Conversations Noires 2022

Conversations Noires 2022 is presented by TD Bank Group is back for its fourth edition on February 12th and 13th 2022 in a brand-new virtual environment powered by Cogni XR.
This event is free of charge and explores how the virtual world has created a tunnel for social equality by navigating emerging technologies such as the metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFT’s. Produced by Never Was Average, this virtual conference will branch into spaces where digital culture will be experienced in its truest form.
The hybrid event will allow guests the opportunity to participate in live conversations as well as offer panel discussions which tackle subjects such as, The New Phase of the Virtual World, Currencies of the Future, as well as Archive Your Story featuring professional Canadian based special guest; multi-disciplinary visual artist Lana Denina who has sold over $300,000 within ten months. VR headsets are also available upon ticket reservations (while quantities last).