Be wise. Read Carefully

What a good person and powerful person Jesus Christ was. Look at what he did to save everybody…everybody

Oh My God saBob White newid to Genius, “It’s too bad you missed the emergency breakfast meeting. We couldn’t wait for you; you were late again. We went to IKEA; the breakfast is only one dollar. It’s served on the second floor, and it’s always busy.”
The discussion was about Christmas and New Year’s. If you were born and raised “back home” (the Caribbean), it was the greatest. If you were born in Montreal, it was the greatest. Bottom line, if you’re fortunate, the holidays are all about family, or extended family. This is a word to the wise.
Schoolboy said, “I had to be in school or I would have been at the emergency meeting. What else did they talk about beside Yvonne Sam, misusing the word “friend” in her column, November 20, 2014? I’m sure the emergency meeting was not just for her at IKEA, and their one-dollar breakfast.
Crystal said, “It’s not too far to go for breakfast if you’re hungry and only have one dollar.”
Money said, “The conversation was about Christmas and New Year’s. It happens every year; it’s the greatest story ever told. It has to be the biggest holiday in the world. It’s about peace on Earth and Goodwill to each other.
Dropout said, “The emergency meeting was also a discussion about good and evil. About what a good person and powerful person Jesus Christ was. Look at what he did to save everybody, everybody…
The president or former long-standing president of the Black Studies Centre was high on the bad list. Also that person who received $500,000 to maintain the Negro Community Centre, a historic building, a heritage building. That person was not on the list of good but on the evil list. Even during the Xmas holidays. Even Jesus Christ would not forgive them.
Welfare Wesley said, “We don’t have to ask Jesus Christ, it’s obvious it’s evil what they did.”
Welfare Wesley, years ago there was a comedian named Joey Lewis. He used to say: “A friend in need is a pest.”
Another comedian sent a message to the Ways and Means Committee. He said, “The best nation is a donation. Donate to the WESA Christmas Basket and turkey fund. They have a food bank at Boucherie Notre Dame; they have had it for over 25 years.”
They believe that everybody should eat during the Christmas holidays, and also the rest of the year, but especially during the Christmas holidays.
Everybody in the barbershop said, “Amen.”
Then Me Personally said, “Google Sept. 27, 1991, Police used flawed, old photo, witness tells Francois inquest.” After you read it, fast-forward to the Mike Brown case in Ferguson Missouri. Nathan is right; it will never stop.”
Genius said, “The phone kept ringing, it was all about the interview the TV did with the publisher of Community Contact, Egbert Gaye. Earl “the pearl” from Cote St. Luc and his associates gave their approval of the interview about racism. They said he told the truth.”
There was an “Amen” in the barbershop for the truth.
Remember Anthony Griffin? The inquest revealed that he was running away from the Police, well how come the bullet entered his forehead? Will all of us be around to see the change? I doubt it, because it’s all a slow process, the “racist system” is so ingrained in the Western world. Remember, this “system” was established over 400 years ago. And you know the Golden Rule, whoever has the gold, makes the rules. So like a beaver, Blacks and whites have to keep chipping away at the “system.”
There was an “Amen” from the Ways and Means Committee.
Welfare Wesley said, “The issue of Community Contact, November 20, 2014, I took it on the metro and went from one end of the line to the other reading it. I kept the paper high so everybody could read the headline ‘A Call To Community’. I would look up all the time; I could see people glancing at the headline.
The Professor put up his hand and said turn off Dr. Oz and listen closely. There was a full-page article on the new location of the Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association. It was in Community Contact, November 20, 2014. The borough Mayor, Russell Copeman, along with other municipal, provincial and federal officials, will attend the event.
You have to read it to really believe it.
Genius said, “So what’s the problem?”
The Professor said, “There is no problem… the Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association? The Negro Community Centre, a historic institution, is closed. The Black Studies Centre is closed, now comes this Association, and the people that helped close the NCC are being invited to the opening? This is what Mack B. Morant wrote about in his bestselling book (Google it!). When you do, the title of the book tells you what’s in the book.”
Welfare Wesley put up his hand and said, “Listen to me, I wish the new Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association good luck. What I want to know is can you go there when you’re cold, and it gets very cold in Montreal. Can you go there and get a bowl of hot soup? If and when you need a place to sleep at night and something to eat, because you have nowhere to sleep, and nothing to eat… can you do this at the new Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association?”
Everybody in the barbershop was happy after reading the article, but does this new location have a gymnasium with multi-functional rooms. Does it have a swimming pool, weight room, a big library with books from all of the great Black writers – books…? The Black 100, The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, the Life and works of Martin Luther King Jr., Dick Gregory’s Bible Tales, James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, and a copy of Without Sanctuary. This is a book with photos of the bestselling post cards in the early 1930s. What’s on the post cards? Blacks: men and women, hanging from trees with White people smiling… It was a big event in those days, like attending the Grey Cup or Super Bowl. Innocent Black folks hanging from trees… The late great singer Billie Holiday had a hit song, called “Strange Fruit, Hanging From The Tree.”
Dropout said, “I was very doubtful when I read the new Cote Des Neiges Black Community Association. (It’s a play on words; like the Black Studies Centre or Negro Community Centre, and you know what the end result of those is/were.)
How can you be a Black Community Centre with no food bank or clothing drop off, or cannot provide shelter for one night. And have the nerve to say, the borough Mayor will be there and other city officials who refused to stop the demolishing of the NCC. You have to get a permit from these guys to demolish the NCC.
Will the Blacks who are present ask them why did the city of Montreal, the Mayor and all of the city councilors issue a permit to destroy a heritage building called the Negro Community Centre, and give it away for only $300,000?
Whatever answer they gave is not the truth.
But this will not happen because if you read the article in Community Contact, it’s obvious the city councilors know that Blacks have a deep inferiority complex when it comes to asking hard questions about race, and White folks in power are very sensitive about telling the truth. [Read Prof. Mack B. Morant].
White authorities do not like Blacks or people of color, why? Because they taught Blacks and people of color to hate themselves, and hate each other, that’s why there is so much Black-on-Black crime.
“Blacks are too busy singing instead of swinging,” said Malcolm X.
Singing is OK, but think about getting ahead economically. No, they keep singing, and there is nothing wrong with singing when you go to church during the biggest holiday of the year, Christmas.
‘Tis the season to be jolly, smile, give yourself a break, stop hating each other, stop being jealous of each other. When you attend church Saturday or Sunday, bring a can of food, invite a low-income family to stop by and pick up a food basket. Tell each other, the best nation is a donation: Donate to the WESA 4 It’s the only food bank that we know that’s been operating for over 25 years in Montreal, where you don’t have to stand in line and the White media take your photo to show the public, “See, this is what we do for Black folks, because they can’t do for themselves.” Black families and White families have been using, for over 25 years.
Ho Ho Ho… There was an “Amen” from Cote des Neiges, NDG, LaSalle, South Shore, St. Henri and Little Burgundy.
Back then it was just WestEnd Sports Association. Now it’s
The regulars of the Ways and Means Committee told Rufus the barber, don’t forget to tell your customers to support the Christmas basket and turkey fund sponsored by
There was an “Amen” from Rufus.