A long-term foster home is being sought for 11-year-old Colin, a Black Canadian child. Colin loves music and will listen to any and all musical groups on the radio. He has recently started guitar lessons and really enjoys this, listening attentively to his teacher.
Colin is a very active child, almost constantly in motion, and especially enjoys basketball, swimming and riding his bicycle. Movement helps Colin to manage his emotions.
Having experienced trauma and neglect in the past, Colin struggles, especially with expressing anger, so he needs help with self-control. However, he has made progress in managing his impulses and calmly communicating his feelings. Although it is difficult for Colin to trust, he has been able to connect with his adult caregivers.
A sensitive, polite and kind boy, Colin functions best with routines, clear guidelines and lots of preparation for dealing with any new or challenging experience. He needs the most help in situations such as taking the school bus, having a tendency to engage in disruptive activities. He enjoys, and is able to manage, group activities, such as scouts, but requires much adult supervision.
A two-parent active Black family able to provide stable routines and patient attention will best suit Colin’s needs. Ideally, he will be the only child in the family, but could also function well with older children.
For more information about Colin, please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, Ext. 1139.

Janet and Jean need a home

The story of Janet, 4, and her three 3-year-old sister, Jean, mirrors the stories of the majority of children whom Batshaw Youth and Family Centre are called upon each day to provide a safe, loving and nurturing family. However, the uniqueness of this sibling group is that at their young age they understanding the bond of being sisters. They are spirited and even though they are of different ages they insist on dressing alike. They are always checking on what each other is doing, and there are times when their relationship takes on different aspects of their individuality.
Janet is very helpful, always ready to help her foster mother with bed making. She loves to play and “dress up”, changing her clothes regularly throughout the day. Jean is able to play by herself; she likes to colour, dance and listen to music.
Caring for these siblings can be challenging. Their relationship can be at times competitive in that they are demand individual attention, and their play at times can be overtly aggressive. The siblings are presently in an emergency foster home where they have made significant progress with structure and consistency. Developmentally they lag behind in the area of speech\therapy, which is being explored.
The siblings are in need of a family, ideally two parents who can make a long-term commitment.
For more information about Janet and Jean please call Batshaw Youth and Family Centres at 514-932-7161, local 1139.