At The Hands Of Leylah Annie Fernandez  The Giants Came Tumbling Down

  At The Hands Of Leylah Annie Fernandez   The Giants Came Tumbling Down

One of the exciting moments of my Sunday School attendance was the  Minister telling the story of David and Goliath using a song.
It goes like this: Only a cowboy David, Only a rippling brook, Only a cowboy David, five little stones he took. Then, One little stone went in the sling, and the sling went round and round (2). Round and  round, and around and around, and around and around and around,  One little stone went up, up, up,  and the giant came tumbling down.
I have also taught this song to several Sunday School classes.

Those of us who are ardent tennis fans can understand and relate this song to the performance of our Canadian  19-year-old tennis star, Leylah Annie Fernandez, at the recent U.S. Open tournament.
It  was exciting to watch , with a ball and a racket in hand, Leylah brought down three tennis giants, namely Aryna Sabalenka, seeded Number 2, Elina Svotolina, seeded Number 3 and Naomi Osaka, seeded Number 5, and the defending champion.
Another of her victims was Angelique Kerber, a former number one rank. While these victims angrily broke their weapons, the rackets,  and struck the ball in frustration, Leylah remained calm, claiming victory after victory after victory. It was good to witness these classic tennis games where she moved her opponents from side-to-side scoring points after points.
Leylah was not surprised to be winning.
She knew what it takes to win: hard work, sweat, blood and perseverance. She put in the time and now awaited the  fruit of her labour.

A berth in the final was her reward, and although the ultimate prize eluded her this time, in our minds she is a winner all the way. She has vowed to return to collect the big prize another time.
At 19, Leylah is a role model to many of our youth. Her success is the result of hard work and determination, the formula for success in any field of endeavour, be it sports or academic pursuits.
Even with their professional careers, both Leylah and Emma Raducanu who defeated her at the final, have finished high school and are   trilingual.
Leylah is fluent in English, French and Spanish, while Emma speaks English , Romanian and Mandarin. Both ladies have very bright futures.
My interest in tennis was waning, with the waning of supremacy of the Williams sisters who have dominated tennis for more than two decades.
We will certainly miss them.
And I wondered aloud who will take their places? But Leylah has given me great hope , and I look  forward to watching many more of her exciting games.
I praise Leylah for her humility, because by keeping her feet on the ground. She also showed poise and maturity. She  took the microphone and told a very supporting New York crowd she hopes she will be as resilient as they  have been, experiencing the impact of ‘ 911.’

Also, Felix Auger- Alliassime of Montreal  went to  the semi-final at the U. S. Open but was no match for the very talented Daniil Medvedev who eventually won the highest prize.
Two of our teenagers at the final at the U. S Tennis Open. It may be a first, but it was surely good tennis and great entertainment.
The future looks bright for our young tennis players. It will also be bright for others if they work hard and persevere.