America denies its first incipient autocrat


Who knew the character, personality, ambitions… of the man, how far they would take him, and how they would be manifested in the political arena, and take him on the global political stage. But there he was, and goes…
Just after 5 PM Thursday, November 5, it was unquestionable that based on the Electoral College count the [Political] Trump Show was finally over. Breathe for the next four years.
That’s how I ended last time, assuming all would proceed with some semblance of nor-malcy, pre-election conditions, and that the established protocol of outgoing and incoming administrations would be established, with everyone (the interested) just waiting with bated breath for what we’ve come to know as normal.
But the head of what should’ve been an outgoing administration had more than a well-formulated chaotic plan to stall, deter and confuse the incoming political leadership team.
Chaos and uncertainty reign… as the current resident of the White House, aided and abet-ted by his disciples and apostles remain, unapologetically embedded in what should be the residence-in-waiting of the [new] legally and democratically elected new occupant (and right hand woman) who are scheduled to take up residence on January 20, 2021 — if the residence is cleaned (sterilized… and free of all metastasizing COVID-19 elements…
[For millions of people] the most painstaking, emotionally draining and stressful political event in modern history that was the recent U.S presidential election(s) is finally over, or should’ve been by now, all things being normal. But much to the chagrin of all who’ve been watching the show from the beginning, we’re being offered a lot of rough cuts that were discarded on the cutting floor.
Most of us have already seen the spectacle that is thus extended political reality show, have been subjected to almost four years of it and can’t wait for the [real, and final] con-clusion.
But all who didn’t trust the star, were skeptical of his dubious behaviour and practices over the last three + years (one cannot say the duration of his legal four-year term, and residency in the White House) can now breathe easy. Or can they, we…?
Given his innate bombast as observed in his media performances over the years, from the moment that man publicly announced his intention to enter the political arena, my mental reaction was, among others: that man’s a joke… a publicity hound, an ass, and worse.
Seeing him on NYC television in the ‘80s and onward, especially when he was fomenting racial hatred during various incidents and events solidified my dislike of the person (can I say televi-sion hawk?)
I was aware of his venture into television, and him being referred to as “reality TV star” (what was the show called again?) and his pleasure to tell ‘players/participants, “You’re fired…”
The name escapes me as I’m writing this (and I refuse to goole), in retrospect with good reason. I truly can’t stand that person who used that mainstream TV medium, and by what I hear from people who watched it, “… A popular show…”
Believe me, I heard of it — I’m a living being after all. But I’ve never sat down to watch that show, and my viewing time was no more than walking by the TV and stopping for a few seconds, at least just long enough to come to the conclusion that I can’t stand that man — for multiple reasons, not the least of which was it was a waste of my time, that guy is so arrogant… is an ass… I have better and more interesting and important things to do than watching an egotistical, publicity-seeking… hawk and individual manipulate and embarrass people (seeking) TV fame and stardom (television notoriety) for what-ever it’s worth.
Simply put, on that show that guy took pride in wielding the power the show afforded him, especially in telling people “You’re fired…”
He was demonstrating and exerting his newly acquired authority.
That said, who knew that that reality show was merely (another) audition for his silent ambition and insatiable thirst for power, to become a bigger and major player in some capacity on an international stage. His domestic audience was simply too small.
He soon got wind of a coming “BIG” vacancy, an ultimate role, in the world of politics that might temporarily temper his irrepressible desire to be a human publicity magnet. Hat the hell was I thinking… temper?
Well, as we’ve come to know, the man still relishes publicity (having people fawning over him saw and took advantage of the opportunity and impending opening). He ulti-mately moved his reality television persona off that limited, stifling platform and trans-ferred it to the global world stage when, given the soon-to-be vacant position at the White House (the pending departure of President Barack Obama who was running out the remaining days of his historic two presidential terms.
That was the prize that man had probably been mentally yearning… Who knew? His family, close and intimate associates…
There was a time when any mention of the word “racism” resonated and reverberated in the minds of those to whom it mattered in a meaningful way; those who knew of him and his evil ways…
But in recent times, to my way of thinking the word racism seems to have become tired of standing alone; it has now become almost commonplace to hear the qualifier “sys-temic” as if it would add more force, more urgency to the multiple issues we have be-come familiar with.
That man used his foray into politics to foment a populist movement, essentially trans-forming traditional U.S. politics. No need for me to provide redundant details; like me you’ve been privy to his innumerable flaws, faults and failings… all unbecoming of a United States political leader, notably a president.He used his position to create a cult of millions all the while fomenting political and social chaos and palpable animosity and racial animus in communities across the nation. That, coupled with a coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging the United States since arriving in North America the beginning of 2020.
As of the third week of January it has wreaked havoc on the American people, most no-tably so-called minorities, which is perhaps why the leader of the nation has at best paid scant attention to the killer virus, which has killed over 240,000 people so far and counting.
Aside from his tens of millions of cultists, most of the other people who haven’t come under his political spell (by virtue of his gift of gab, lying, and various other failings and shortcomings…) refused to mentally imbibe his oral postulating… He has effectively embedded his persona in their collective psyche. Conjure Jim Jones and his African American converts.
I’ve seen many of them on the presidential channel, FOX (though it’s gradually falling out of favour with that man).
How Black people can come under the spell of an incipient autocrat and blatant
racist is way beyond [my] comprehension.
But “to each his/her own.”
In the meantime, the duly democratically elected incoming president and Vice-president are waiting in a state of apoplexy and wonderment, wondering if and when they’ll be permitted to assume their respective duly elected political positions in the White House as of January 20… 21 2021 — if the place becomes vacant.
The Biden-Harris team continue to be stymied by the incipient autocrat, buoyed by his conspiracy theories of illegal electoral practices… Meanwhile, the loser continues to en-trap the winners, and by extension their supporters across the nation in a web of base-less lies and confusion, as well as accusation of electoral fraud, essentially and effec-tively stalling the smooth goings-on of the nation’s business.
He’s thinking Barack Obama, the “first African-American president had two terms, so why can’t/shouldn’t he secure a second term also by any means necessary — short of a military coup, for now.
Meanwhile, having convinced his cultists that the election was stolen from him as a re-sult of “widespread voter fraud…,” he continues to engage in what the media refer to as “A campaign of innuendo, coupled with a legal strategy of confusion and doubt.”
So, as is often said in relation to that human virus that has contaminated tens of mil-lions, since “no one is above the law, not even the president,” it begs the question, what happens on inauguration day if the incumbent and loser of the election has not finally conceded and moved out, been ushered out of the White Hou