[…] The charismatic political cultist continues to star in his presidential reality show uninterrupted, south of the border.
Nothing the so-called “most powerful” man in the world does or speaks that transgresses American political and social norms (deemed offensive, inappropriate, ‘un-presidential’ and sanctionable behaviour, by his political adversaries and others in the wider public who are staunchly opposed to him and his divisive contentious ‘agenda’) seems to stymie him”
So the ‘show’ continues – commercial-free, with a highlight moment almost each day – forcing some people to wonder: what will he do next, as he goes about his merry way, oblivious to tacit rules of behaviour becoming of someone of his stature who represents hundreds of millions on the global stage.
In a phrase: he doesn’t give a damn about history, tradition, normalcy; his agenda is established and being played out, two primary aspects of which are his old ‘MAGA’ clarion call. And he’s going a step further. In a recent interview he referred to himself as a “[…] nationalist,” ‘MAWA!’
According to some media, with a core support base of 65 million cultists firmly in his corner (or surrounding him, akin to a South African apartheid-era laager), they have imbibed ‘his’ message as it were (much like Jim Jones’). And they are holding firm to his subtle and blatant skewed clarion call to arms, so to speak.
Given what many refer to as his rhetoric of “hate, hatred, xenophobia…” and yes, unadulterated “racism” his cadres are heeding his call; they have imbibed the message.
No need to debate whether or not he’s a racist; the answer is irrefutable. And as if to demonstrate that they are heeding the message, we have witnessed recurring manifestations as they continue to evolve from listening to acting, emerging from the woodwork putting words to action as it were.
By adhering to the subtle messages of the leader, their historical legacy in some instances–as we’re now seeing– will be written in blood.
Notwithstanding the evidence he goes about the business of the state as normal, with a perpetual halo (a crown) of racism over his head, which simply doesn’t dissipate.
Now, I’m not one to mount and ride that “racism” horse, but being Black for a few decades of [my] life so far has blessed me with ample evidence to distinguish… So I’ve earned the right to call it whenever I see and hear examples of it.
To borrow the old cliché: “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…”
In his own defense, when questioned about the obvious he always denies. But his is a continual barrage of racially rife insults that have generated a destructive social tsunami of reaction: accusations, charges of peddling racist tropes, panel discussions and whatnot. And yet he once offered, “I’m the least racist person there is anywhere in the world.” But innate habits and decades-old racist practices are hard to break.
His is an extensive, lengthy and well-travelled racist trajectory, going back as far as the 1970s when African-American renters complained… brought charges against the Trump organization for refusing to rent to them.
Then there’s talk of him offering to donate thousands of dollars to help the prosecution in the case of 5 teenagers (four African-American and one Hispanic) known as the Central Park Five, who were falsely accused, sham-trialed… railroaded [and convicted of raping a young white female jogger in the historic NYC park].
If you haven’t yet, see filmmaker Ava Duvernay’s Netflix series ‘When They See Us’. We heard, and many probably forgot about the 1989 incident rife with racism.
Trump also bellowed for the conviction and reinstatement of the death penalty in New York, ostensibly to make an example of the ‘minority’ teenagers.
Some say he used that incident as a launch pad into politics and, who would have guessed, the White House.
The celebrated (at the time) ‘first Black’ president of the U.S. Barack Obama was, for Donald Trump, an incongruity. It’s not a stretch to say that given U.S. history, a Black man in the White House did not rest well with the current occupant, so he cooked up all sorts of reasons why Obama should not reside in that special place, not the least of which was his concocting al sorts of specious reasons questioning Obama’s historic victory, not the least of which was his outrageous questioning of the 44th president’s citizenship (American-ness) and legitimate victory.
As bad luck would have it the haloed one is now there, in the White House and to show his disdain for Obama has been on a mission to erase/destroy any and everything that has the Obama signature.
[I bet Donald Trump had the entire White House fumigated, sterilized, sanitized, washed with Clorox or other bleaching/whitening agent before taking up residence in the White House. But his obsession with Obama is difficult to contain; his distaste for the man is stuck in his craw.]
And as his racist predilections continue to be manifested there’s a man who once, not long ago, referred to himself as a Christian, essentially contaminating his nasty politics with religion, on one occasion referring to himself as “…a Christian?”
Now he’s compounding his dubious ‘Christian-ness’ with toxic […] “nationalist” politics.
I’ve stated in the past that at this point in my adult life’s journey I’m no flaming adherent of any religion. I was born into the Catholic religion and raised as such with a lifetime of indoctrinated and Catholic teachings.
But I do not engage in religious talk…
Nevertheless, I’ve stated in the past that I read Our Daily Bread, described as “a devotional calendar-style booklet… The July 26 reading, entitled Making Things Whole, made me think of Donald Trump.
The Reading that date is Blessed are the peacemakers, Matthew 5:9, 13-16.
Here’s an excerpt.
“[…] As Jesus guides, may we strive to make things right. He calls us to be peacemakers, to be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world.” (vv. 13-14)… There are many ways to be peacemakers in the world, but with each may we engage brokenness rather than surrendering to it. In God’s power, let’s choose to not allow a friendship to die or let a struggling neighborhood languish or yield to apathy and isolation. Let’s look for the broken places, trusting God to give us the wisdom and skill to participate in making them whole again.”
An Internet article I recently read states, “Trump has hijacked the American civil religion, a concept that should serve as a basis for unity for citizens and used it in an attempt to further divide us along lines of race, party and religion in the name of political expediency…”
Maybe he should subscribe to Our Daily Bread; it’s also available on App.
All I can say about the political architect and ‘greatest U.S. president’ in history, great socio-cultural and -political divider, liar, Christian, and “…least racist person…” who, along with his cultists are afraid their losing America is “you can’t handle the truth… you are a racist…”
And summon William Shakespeare: “Methinks thou protesteth too much.”