Special prom prizes from Zaria and Jayden

Special prom prizes from Zaria and Jayden

Shedidthatprom and #The Classicman

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This year, two deserving students, Zara Nesfield and Jayden Alleyne were the recipients of all inclusive prom giveaways, as part of the #shedidthatprom initiative launched in 2013 by Tamraa Greenidge, Katrina Nurse and Tish Mclean.
The high school graduates both have overall averages higher than 80% and secured the prizes with two convincing 500-word essays.
Zaria, who graduated from John Rennie High School, received a new prom dress, new shoes, along with the services of a hairstylist and makeup artist on the day of the event.
She also received accessories, as well as transportation, a prom ticket and professional photo shoots throughout the night.
She’s on her way to Dawson College to do a three-year social service career program.
After the experience they sat down with the two students and talked about their experience with the #shedidthatprom and #theclassicman.

Zaria Nesfield:#shedidthat

What high school did you go to?

I went to John Rennie High School in Pointe-Claire.

What are your plans for after high school?

I’m going to Dawson College in the 3-year Social Service career program, which allows me to start working as soon as I finish college. I still plan on going to McGill University afterwards to become Social Worker.

What made you apply to #shedidthatprom?

I had heard of #shedidthatprom a while ago because I had friends older than me that already done it and I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply for, but then I had forgot, and one of my Aunt’s who had also heard of it reminded me to apply.

What was your initial reaction to winning the SDT prom give-away?

I don’t know why but when I first found out I was shocked that I had won. I was really nervous during the first interview while they were still making decisions and didn’t exactly answer the questions to the best of my abilities. I honestly cannot explain the feeling I had when I found out I won, but I felt relief and was so happy.

Tell us about your prom journey experience.

It was a very good experience. Honestly, I wasn’t excited for prom and this made it exciting. Getting to share my experience with more people and having others help me figure out what I wanted made it good. I honestly enjoyed prom more than I thought I would and it was more fun to buy stuff.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I very much enjoyed trying new things, such as the weave and having the girls from #shedidthatprom show me new things. I also had so much fun shopping and getting to know Katrina, Tish and Tamraa, they made it more fun than stressful and they were easy to get comfortable with. I wasn’t as nervous in the end.

What would you tell other young girls that were hesitant about applying to #SheDidThatProm?

I was honored and surprised to see that I won so I would just tell them that anything is possible, and even if there is a chance they lose they should always try and shoot for the stars

Jayden Alleyne:
The #classicman

Jayden, formerly of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, received a new suit along with a tie, shoes, payment of transportation and prom ticket. He also received a fresh haircut and corsage for their date, and professional photo shoots throughout the night.
He is on his way to John Abbott College to study Media Arts & Film.

What high school did you go to?

I attended Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.

What are your plans for after high school?

I plan on going to John Abbott College to study Media Arts & Film because I want to show the world more of my creative side, which to me is my best.

What made you apply to #TheClassicMan?

When I first heard about it I thought it was great to give teens my age and my complexion the chance to shine at their proms. So, when my mom asked me to apply I didn’t hesitate because I knew what each of the girls’ goals were and what I can bring to the table as the 2019 Classic Man.

What was your initial reaction to winning the TCM prom give away?

It was early in the morning and I woke up to the phone call and as soon as they told me I literally screamed out of excitement.

Tell us about your prom journey experience.

My prom journey was great. I loved preparing for everything because it really was up to me in terms of what I wanted to do on the day of prom, what I wanted my suit to look like, etc. all I had to do was explain my ideas to them and they were on board with each thing.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of my prom experience would have to be mostly attending the cocktail hour at the event with family and seeing all of my friends. The reason why I liked this part of prom was because it had been the introduction for me to present myself in the best way possible to everyone as the “SheDidThatProm’s – Classic Man and immediately many people were coming up and asking about my suit, shoes and I got to tell them about the women who did this for me and how much of a blessing it was. Also to see them each time I looked back made me humble and grateful as it reminded me of our process and the memories we made.

What would you tell other young guys that are hesitant about applying to #SheDidThatProm?

What I would say to any young man considering applying for this or even being hesitant about it is “just do it.” At the end of the day this is what it’s all about. Giving back to your community and that’s what these women are doing. So being a part of a wonderful team like this can provide you with many things when it comes to getting to know more about yourself and receiving positive exposure, which can perhaps inspire others to follow in your footsteps and have you be an amazing leader.

The #shedidthatprom & #classicman) team are extremely grateful to their sponsors and supporters who donated to the initiative. They would like to extend a special “thank-you” to the 2019 sponsors: Four Brown Girls, Quality Cuts, Bestbite Catering, Ryan & Rose – Custom Suits, Sharon Bledman-Hairstylist, Clarins Canada and YYK. Special appreciation also goes out to Heather Jones for the make-up services she has been providing since the beginning of the initiative.

For more information on how to apply or become a sponsor of #SheDidThatProm (#classicman) please check out our website at www.shedidthatprom.com or contact shedidthatprom@gmail.com .