It’s Okay To Be Still

It’s Okay To Be Still

But I have calmed and quieted myself…
Psalm 131:2

Be still… What does it mean to be still?
It means to rest, to be calm and quiet so that we can heal and reset.
We are so used to the hustle and bustle of life and now we’re faced with a pandemic which has forced us to change our daily practices of socializing, attending events and just being non-stop busy.
We are forced to quiet down, be still and relax.
I know that many people are struggling with this type of stillness.
For some this is an uncomfortable feeling because you are alone with yourself.
When we don’t have the usual distractions we are faced with being alone with our thoughts and our feelings.
Remember just because you’re busy and active doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being productive.
And keep in mind that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.
Take time to be still.
Take time to get to know you.
Take time to release all of your emotional clutter.
Focus on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
Being still improves your concentration because you have limited distractions.
Be still and talk to God.
Be honest with God and receive His wisdom, direction, comfort and healing.
Don’t be afraid of being still and spending time alone. There’s definitely a time for busy-ness but you also have to set aside time for calm.
We tend to look at solitude negatively but it can be a positive experience.
Being still can help you discover who you really are and what you really want out of life. Being still can help you discover what you need to change, develop and work on.
It’s not always easy to sit alone with your deepest thoughts and feelings, but it’s necessary so that you can truly know what is going on deep inside of you.
Don’t despise the stillness. I know for a fact that solitude increases your awareness, clarity and creativity.
So in this time of quietude…
Write down your thoughts and feelings
Get to know your likes and dislikes
Practice self-care
Re-discover you talents
Do something new or different
Let go of the negativity
Let go of unforgiveness
Try meditation or yoga
Practice daily gratitude
Take a break from the constant social media scrolling and admiring the life of others… and begin the process of creating the life that you desire.
Don’t be afraid of this downtime. It’s a great time to recharge and refresh your spirit, mind and body.
It’s the perfect time to decrease your stress levels and improve your physical health.
So decide that you will use this time wisely.
Make a decision to come out of this pandemic closer to your creator. Take this time to learn more about yourself, improving your attitude, changing your mindset, appreciating the calm and just being a better version of you.
It will take time to learn how to appreciate the stillness, but it can be done.

The relationship that you have with yourself is just as important as your relationship with others.

It’s okay to be still.

Blessings, Bev