It is time to sharpen one another in prayer

It is time to sharpen one another in prayer

Let’s be sharp… For better or for worse we are in this together

We all need someone; a friend, a companion, a confidant. Someone to fellowship with, to share social moments with. Someone to exchange moments of laughter as well as great sorrows.

The Bible tells us in Romans 12:15 that we ought to “Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep”.
Too many people tend to frown at the success of others. Some will not wish any ill against the other person but they won’t celebrate them either. God is telling us to be happy with those who are happy and not only let them celebrate, but to join them and celebrate with them.
Go ahead, celebrate with them and multiply your joy!
These people can be a spouse, a friend, a neighbour, a coworker, a family member or even a stranger you encounter during the day… like the cashier who made you smile just before leaving or the other driver at the red light having a good dance in the car. Perhaps the other person waiting at the bus shelter or the couple who just got engaged at the table across from yours.
Can we celebrate or be happy with them? Smile as their car is bouncing to their groove, lend a helping hand, and when necessary learn to comfort. We are to be our brother’s keeper.
Any parent that has more than one child wants the siblings to protect each other and look out for one another. No parent would feel good if one child was walking towards danger and the others looked on with indifference. No parent would enjoy celebrating a birthday for one of their children just to have the other sulk, or not participate in the party?

We are all God’s children and He has designed us to look out for one another, sharpen one another, comfort one another and most importantly pray one for another.
Even though we are made for community and for relationship; make sure your company is “good” company. The blade of the other will sharpen you; meaning the condition of their blade [their life] will affect yours.
Most importantly inasmuch as we are designed for relationship with others, we are also designed for relationship with God. We all need God. Most importantly, He longs for that fellowship and relationship more than you will ever be able to comprehend.
Connect with Him in worship, in prayer, in reading the Bible or even just meditating on His creations and His goodness.
Did you know that God’s word is like a two-edged sword? When you read God’s word, the sword of your life and character is sharpened by His doubled edged sword as you read the scriptures. You can then speak the word in prayer to sharpen your own life or even speak the word to others and sharpen their understanding or their life. Wow do you see the great potential you have and the wonderful blessing you can be to those around you both in happiness and in sadness. When you hear them laugh, just jump in a join them. When you see the tears, get the Kleenex and remember you don’t always know and it may not always be okay or work itself out but at least in that moment you can be a blessing to them.

Guess what, I am so happy for you all and I am praying for you all my beloved readers! Keep reading and stay sharp.

Pastor Julianna Daniel