African Round up

African Round up


A huge crack unexpectedly appeared in Kenya, causing astonishment and fright among residents.
Scientists’ main theory around the crack is that an underlying superheated plume had caused it.
A super plume occurs when a large mantle upwelling is convected to Earth’s surface. It forms at the mantle-core boundary and can result in earthquakes when they heat up.
The crack, which is about the distance of Montreal to Winnipeg, continues to grow in size as a result of heavy rainfall in Kenya’s Narok County. It has sparked discussions around the splitting of Africa into two. Splitting a continent in two is not a rare feat. For instance, it led to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. Looking at a map it would be hard to miss the fact that Africa and South America seem like they would fit perfectly together, this is because they were once one landmass.
However, scientists have stated that this rift would take millions of years to happen.


Following in the footsteps of her neighbor, Zimbabwe has become the second African country to legalize the production of marijuana for scientific and medicinal use.
Known locally as “mbanje,” Zimbabweans can now apply for a license to cultivate marijuana.
In the past, possessing, growing or using cannabis in Zimbabwe was illegal, and could result in sentences of up to 12 years in jail.
The renewable license permits companies and individuals to produce marijuana for five years. Time will tell if this move will further hurt or heal the country’s economy.


Bringing pride to the continent is Ethiopia’s national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines. Tripadvisor has recognized the largest airline in Africa, as “The Best Business Class Carrier in Africa and Indian Ocean.” TripAdvisor evaluated the world’s top carriers based on reviews and ratings gathered from travellers worldwide over a 12-month period and recognized Ethiopia for its outstanding service, as well as the quality and value in its service delivery.
Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Group CEO remarked, “It is very gratifying to receive this prestigious award, which is based on the vote of the traveling public. We are highly honored that the traveling public has recognized our continuous effort to avail the best possible products and services.”
Ethiopian Airlines, a multi-award winning airline, has twice received the SKYTRAX World Airline Award for Best Airline Staff in Africa, and early in 2017 it scooped the SKYTRAX World Airline Award for Best Airline in Africa.
Also, it recently won the 2018 Africa’s Outstanding Food Services by a Carrier award as voted by PAX International readers.