Dishonesty: a cultural epidemic

God wants to raise up honorable men and women.

These are the days when dishonesty and dishonest people are at their highest peak…its like an epidemic.
At every level in society we are seeing, hearing and encountering dishonest people. You can find them on a daily basis.
There are so many dishonest people in our community not excluding the churches we attend.
It’s about time we confront this terrible spirit that is destroying our generation.
God wants to raise up honorable men and women.
It’s a Godly character and every human being must desire to live an honest life.
There’s an old saying: “honesty is the best policy”and it’s true.
A dishonest person opens his or her life to curses from their victims.
God hates dishonest people! He addresses this subject very harshly in the Bible with Eli’s sons who were living dishonestly in the house of God. You can read about it in first Samuel Chapter 2 Verse 30.
They that honour me, I will honour them and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.
The sons were cursed by God himself for their dishonesty.
Please take some time to define dishonesty and identify it because it can lead you to open disgrace or doing shameful acts. Other manifestations of a dishonest character can range from cheating, stealing from others, lying, giving a false appearance to committing violations, making fraudulent transactions and many more.
These behaviors can lead to premature death.
This warning to turn away from dishonest lifestyles, in order to become an honest citizen; is so that you can enjoy the benefits of living a long happy and wonderful life.
An honest lifestyle is a godly lifestyle so please be willing to give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and He will help you to put away all those bad habits and teach you how to treat others with respect.
Honest men or women always have respect for others. Such people are characterized as being faithful and trustworthy.
Take your Bible and read it. Philippians Chapter 4 Verse 8,  encourages us all to stay positive minded. It says: Whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are pure and just; think up on these things. By doing so, you will not have a desire to cheat, lie or deceive others.
Please know that both behaviors, honesty and dishonesty, are transferable to your sons and daughters. So, today, give it some serious thought and choose which one is the best to pass on to your generation.
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Pastor Julianna Daniel