Caribbean News Sept 27,2018

Caribbean News Sept 27,2018


Barbados celebrates teacher Avisene Carrington as she marks her 100th birthday


Barbados’ newest centenarian is, Avisene Carrington. On Saturday, September 15, the country’s governor general, Dame Sandra Mason together with other politicians, family and friends congregated at her home in The Pine in St. Michaels  to celebrate her hundredth year of existence in style.
Mrs. Carrington has spent 74 out of her hundred years as an  educator.
“Teaching is my life. I left St Michael’s School in July and started teaching in September of 1937, and I later founded my own school, Merrivale preparatory school where I taught till I was 90,” she is quoted as saying.
The former school principal is proud to have been part of the foundation for a number of high achievers in Barbadian society such as, musician Nicholas Branker and the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley.
Referring to Motley, Carrington said she always knew that she would be a force to be reckoned with.
“That is something I expected and not only had I prayed for it but all along I knew she was going to be a power to contend with. I was just so pleased and happy when the people of Barbados said this is who we want to lead our country,” she said.
Carrington was born on September 15th 1918 in Barbados and she is the widow of former permanent secretary Vere Carrington, and the sister of fellow centenarian Constance L. Inniss, whose face is on a Barbados stamp. She is also the mother of three children, including distinguished videographer, Ronnie Carrington.
She retired from teaching at the age of 90.

In reflecting on what has kept her so strong and Mrs. Carrington admitted she was not a big eater, but she enjoys the outdoors and she strongly believes that her relationship with her family and teaching has kept her young.
“I don’t feel like 100 years old because. I mix with people who are so much younger than I, so age does not play a part in our relationship. My own children, we may have our own squabbles, but they don’t treat me as if I’m an old lady and therefore age is just a number for me.”
Although now retired she hasn’t slowed down, she uses her time to garden and often visits nurseries with daughter-in-law Hazel Lindo-Carrington, whom she described as her partner in crime.


Remembering  Edward Evelyn E Greaves

On October 20, Barbados House Montreal Inc. will pay tribute to Evelyn E. Greaves, former High Commissioner for Barbados to Canada at their Variety Concert in aid of The Gord

on Cummins District Hospital in St. Thomas.
Greaves was a former labour leader and Cabinet Minister in Barbados was named high commissioner in 2008.
While in Canada he

became a driving force behind the push for contributions to hospitals for the elderly in Barbados
Greaves also led the editorial committee that published the Biographical Dictionary “Some Barbadian Canadians” and was a lasting supporter of Barbados House Montreal Inc.
A memorial service is being planned for a later date.
The Variety Fundraising Concert will held at Le Manoir on October 20,  from 7PM with performances by a line of local performers with music by DJ Leslie.