‘Oats’ O Good’ might be what the doctor ordered

‘Oats’ O Good’ might be what the doctor ordered

For former Montrealer her new health and well-being product line is a necessity and a labour of love

Meet Valrose Miller.
She ‘s one of the newest players in Canada’s growing wellness products industry and her Oats’ O Good line of breakfast bars, pressed juices and other health-focused delicacies is already on store shelves across south-western Ontario.
Now she using her drive and determination to get her products to the Montreal and eventually to markets across Canada as well as boosting her on-line presence.
Miller has always been a go-getter and ambitious.

The Jamaican-born Montrealer who grew up in N.D.G. charismatic personality mad her the proverbial people’s person.
After graduating from Westmount High and taking some media courses at Concordia, she dabbled in entertainment where her dazzling smile and good looks served her well.
She did a stint as a cheerleader with the WLAF Montreal Machine football team then pursued an acting career.
She appeared in several Hollywood productions such as, “If Looks Could Kill” and “A Cry In The Night” as well as on television in “15/Love” and “Time Of Your Life.”
She also dabbled in the music industry with a short stint as a soloist and managing other artists
After becoming a mom in 1990, her focused turned to her daughter and on exploring her life-long obsession with physical fitness.

In going after a healthy lifestyle, she eventually established herself as a personal trainer in 2001.
Oats’ O Good grew out of her obsession with fitness and well-being as well as personal health concerns
She says it was after a much-deserved trip to Jamaica in 2017 that she realized her lifestyle had slipped a bit.
“I enjoyed my trip,” she laughed, speaking from her offices in Etobicoke, Ontario.
But a visit to her physician brought a different perspective.

“I was at my doctor’s for a routine check-up and she told me that I had a mild fatty liver. Something that can be serious but in my mind it was already serious. I was freaking out. My doctor told me one of the things I could do was lose 15 pounds. I said I’ll give you 20 pounds.”

It was not long before the highly disciplined Miller actually shed the weight. Impressed, the doctor asked her what she did. Her answer was “oats.”

“I did some research and saw the benefits of oats. I basically just ate oats. I cut out some carbs. I even became a vegan for awhile and then just went back to eating chicken and fish.
I also found that there were benefits of Black coffee so I added my oats in it and sweetened with a little maple syrup.”

And from that individual journey came her company Oats’ O Good.
she launched it in Etobicoke in January 2019. Her initial products were breakfast bars in three flavours made of oats, one of the most popular being the chocolate chip ginger sold in stores in south-western Ontario.
The public’s reaction was quick and positive.
Health conscious Ontarians in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and surrounding areas not only enjoyed the tasty and healthy treats but also loved the classic old-fashioned packaging that harkened back to products that looked like they were made by your own grandma.
Miller then began to expand her product line to introduce pressed juices from turmeric, ginger and the very popular celery juice.

And more recently her latest additions are: sea moss, hibiscus lemonade, spiced Irish moss and sea moss lemon balm, all available in shot form as well . She’s currently getting set to launch oat milk as well.
She has recently set up a distribution center in Montreal and travels here a couple times a month to service her growing list of clients. The hope is that she will get Oats’ O Good products in MTL stores soon.
Looking forward the ever-enthusiastic Miller is working on creating same day fresh products that would be available for delivery to offices and homes of those looking to boost their immunes systems with a dose of healthy nutritional treats.
And she in the developing stages of opening a small outlet where the fresh same day products can be picked up.
She sums it all up saying: “It’s all about what you eat… it’s about nutrition because it affects every part of you. I just like to help people with their health. I feel this is why I’m here and this is what God wants me to do”